Tomb Raider Video Game Sequel Revealed at E3 [Video]

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Tomb Raider

A new sequel in the Tomb Raider series was revealed today at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), which has the largest collection of video game geeks in the world. Lara Croft seems to be back at it again in The Rise of Tomb Raider. The franchise is published by Square Enix, and many were anticipating the announcement before today, because it was leaked that the company had bought the URL’s of two different sites, and, just days before E3.

Last year saw Lara Croft in a Tomb Raider reboot, a remaking of the original video game released on the older generation gaming systems and PC, and the fifth installment of the franchise developed by Crystal Dynamics. Unfortunately the game did not perform well, at first, and there were rumors that the series may have run its course. Back in May, Square Enix announced its annual sales report and said it had met its financial targets for the franchise, mostly due to the great sales of Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The company raised over $64.8 million in net income from the series, almost $30 million more than was previously expected. This gave Square Enix the go ahead to continue with the franchise after they saw an increased demand for the video game once it was re-released over to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with some additional content.

The trailer for the Tomb Raider next generation video game sequel was revealed as part of Microsoft’s upcoming titles section in their press conference at E3 today. It can be seen below, but features Lara Croft listening to a psychologist while he lectures her on her progress as a patient. He believes Lara is improving but urges her to slowly get out more. Maybe to pick up a hobby. “A girl your age should be exploring new horizons,” he says. This points to the fact that the story line of the the game will flash back to Croft’s upbringing and how she became the heroic feminine lead hero she later develops into.

While the doctor is talking, she is still having some flashbacks, even though he alludes to the fact that she says they have stopped. Some of the vivid images include falling into deep water, getting chased through a forest by a large vicious bear, and then leaping across a wide chasm to cling on to a steep rock face. Croft is clearly agitated, she grips the arm rest tightly and is tapping her feet in anxiety. She sits with her face covered in partial darkness from a hooded jacket, looking more like the main character from Assassins Creed than her usual voluptuous self.

Back inside her visions, she has somehow gotten inside the rock face to discover a cavern, or tomb, perhaps. She silently and stealthily gets rid of an armed guard with a precise shot to the back of the head from her signature weapon, the bow and arrow. At this point the doctor has gotten to his main point, that the trauma one receives at a young age can be crippling, like a ship stuck in frozen ice, but “there is another type of person.” He asks Miss Croft if she knows what happens to them. “We become who we are meant to be,” she responds, and the viewer gets to hear her voice and see her face for the first time while she stands in an enormous tomb that she will likely raid. Thus becoming the adventurous archeologist that the Tomb Raider video game franchise first envisioned.

It is a great trailer that will be watched countless time’s by lovers of Croft and her exploits. No release date was mentioned at the press conference at E3 for the revealing of the new Tomb Raider video game sequel, but since it was in the section on upcoming titles and had no gameplay to speak of it will probably be a 2015 holiday release date.

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