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Warner Brothers’ plans for a cohesive DC Comics movie universe may have leaked, and if the rumors are true, then Warner Bros. has a solid plan. After Marvel got a head start on their united comic book movie universe, fans have been wondering when Warner Brothers and DC would follow suit.

In 2013, Man of Steel simultaneously rebooted Superman in theaters and subtly began the DC cinematic universe with Easter eggs like a Wayne Enterprises satellite. As Marvel steadily built its movie universe and added more and more obscure properties to their coming attractions moviegoers were left to wonder where Man of Steel would lead. Soon after the Zack Snyder directed film was released it was announced that Snyder would be directing the sequel and a subsequent Justice League movie. As time passed, more and more casting announcements were made and it became apparent that the next Zack Snyder film would not be a direct sequel to Man of Steel, but more of a prequel to the Justice League movie. It quickly went from a Superman film featuring Batman, as was revealed at Comic Con in 2013, to a team-up film featuring cameos from several important Justice League characters.

Until the recent confirmation of the title Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice many wondered if Warner Brothers would follow Marvel’s method of releasing several character solo films leading up to the team up movie or if they would formulate their own plan. Now it seems that Warner Brothers’ plans for their DC movie universe are slightly more unique.

The allegedly leaked plans include Batman v. Superman, Shazam, and Sandman in 2016, Justice LeagueWonder Woman, and a Flash/Green Lantern team up in 2017, and finally a true Man of Steel sequel in 2018. Kevin Smith, who gave some accurate hints about the new Batman costume a few months back, has unofficially confirmed the list. If this lineup is confirmed in the near future, it means Warner Brothers and DC are taking an impressive and unprecedented route. Many fans and industry insiders predicted that if Warner Bros. decided to forgo the Marvel method they would in fact do the reverse, release a Justice League film and then use the newly introduced characters in their own solo films. However, it seems that many of the major players in the Justice League film will be introduced in Dawn of Justice and then fully utilized in the follow-up. Rumor has it that there will be a continuing storyline that ties all of the following solo and team-up movies.

This unique approach could be what sets DC movies apart from Marvel and will hopefully fuel the rivalry, which will keep giving fans what they want. The interesting thing about this potential lineup of films is that Shazam and Sandman do not necessarily have to fit in with the Justice League storyline directly, but if they do that, it represents just how big DC is getting. It also seems that Warner Bros. and DC are in tune with their characters and what fans want judging by the prospect of a Flash and Green Lantern team-up movie.

In most iterations of the DC comics, the two characters are close friends, but also two of the world’s most powerful heroes. Their movie could have an entirely new dynamic that movie fans have yet to see in the superhero genre.  These are exciting times for film and comic fans alike, and both will be looking forward to this year’s Comic Con for official reveals of Warner Brothers’ plans for their DC movie universe.

Commentary by Matt Isaacs

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