Testosterone Boosts to Prevent Gynecomastia

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Most men never want to detect the presence of moobs. The medical term for the condition is gynecomastia and the affliction is somewhat common. Many men have a predisposition for the condition and others suffer from gyencomastia due to unhealthy behavior over an extended period. For many men suffering from gynecomastia who wish to alleviate the situation, adopting natural methods to boost testosterone and reduce estrogen in the body can help with the dreaded condition.

Gynecomastia is caused by either a specific medical condition or an imbalance between estrogen and testosterone levels. Hypogonadism, a condition potentially causing gynecomastia, is the diminished functioning of the testes. Hypogonadism may be present from the time of birth or acquired through mumps, brain injury or steroid abuse. Liver failure and kidney failure can also lead to gynecomastia, as the liver helps metabolize estrogen and the proper kidney function is necessary for production of testosterone. Additionally, a lack of proper nutrients occurring through malnutrition can also lead to gynecomastia, as the body’s T producing capability is compromised. Gynecomastia caused by any of these conditions must be addressed after consultation with a medical doctor and following the physician’s prescribed course of treatment. Natural strategies to assist with hormonal imbalances may be beneficial to boost overall health and help the situation, but medical supervision is a necessity.

For many men, lifestyle issues creating an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen cause gynecomastia to occur. A significant contributing factor for many men is overall body fat. Estrogen levels rise with weight gain, which can lead to male breasts. Other causes, in addition to simply being overweight, are related to items consumed. For instance, the hops ingredient found in beer causes the body to produce estrogen. What occurs in the body is the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. The aromatase enzyme is the link between weight gain and gynecomastia. The enzyme is more prevalent in fat cells and acts to convert testosterone into estrogen. While small amounts of estrogen are necessary for a man to assist with brain function and to protect the heart, too much estrogen is harmful.

To alleviate hormonal imbalances and prevent gynecomastia, one can adopt strategies to lower estrogen levels and boost testosterone. Beginning a weight training program can pump up T levels. Any weight training program with a goal of increasing T levels should include compound exercises, such as bench press, squats and dead lifts. Each of these types of exercises involve several muscle groups. More testosterone is produced by the body through exercises engaging several muscle groups. As the largest muscles of the body are in the legs, targeting the quads, glutes and hamstrings is important. Further, if performing squats and deadlifts, the back muscles also come into play. If possible based on strength and fitness levels, performing low repetition sets with heavy weights is helpful. The body produces more testosterone from lifting heavier weights. Another important factor is the amount of rest between sets. Research shows that less testosterone is produced with insufficient rest between sets. At least a couple of minutes between sets is most beneficial. If pressed for time, alternating exercises between muscle groups is a possibility. An example of alternating muscle groups would be switching between squats and bench press. Shorter periods of rest between sets are acceptable if the same muscle groups are not engaged in consecutive sets.

In order to reduce gynecomastia producing estrogen, weight reduction is generally required. In addition to reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption, eating vegetables which are aromatase inhibitors also assists with hormone balance. Aromatase inhibitors are vegetables containing chemical compounds which act to reduce the aromatase enzyme in the body. The aromatase enzyme works to convert testosterone into estrogen. Cruciferous vegetables are natural aromatase inhibitors. These types of vegetables include Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Diindolymethane, Indole-3 Acetate and Indole-3 Carbonyl are compounds found in this vegetable group which assist with estrogen reduction.

Chamomile tea and Kombucha tea are also thought to assist with removing estrogen from the body. Chamomile contains chrysin, a flavonoid believed to be an aromatase inhibitor. Consuming this type of tea instead of coffee also provides the benefit of reducing cortisol in the body produced from caffeine. Kombucha tea, a fermented drink, is also thought to assist with metabolizing estrogen.

In order to prevent gynecomastia and boost testosterone, a cleaner lifestyle is often necessary. Once hormone levels reach proper balance, the reason for the male breasts no longer exists for many men. Try adopting some natural strategies to prevent gynecomastia.

By William Costolo

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