Weight Loss Through hCG: Healthy Stepping-Stone to Fat Loss?

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Weight loss through hCG is a healthy stepping-stone to fat loss. This fat loss solution was discovered in the 1950’s by a British endocrinologist, Dr. Albert T.W. Simeons. He spent 30 years looking for a cure for obesity. Today we know it as hCG, which stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which is a large glycoprotein that consists of 244 amino acids.While at the Salvortore Mundi International Hospital in Rome, he published his work in Pounds and Inches. In his book he describes the efficacy of hCG when coupled with a restrictive diet.

Through Dr. Simeons research, he found a link between endocrinology and psychosomatic disorders. The end result was that he connected obesity to the diencephalon part of the brain, which includes the hypothalamus and the thalamus. The diencephalic deficiency became his mission as he believed that this was what created excess fat in the body. Dr. Simeon had a  “Eureka moment” when he became aware that pregnant Indian women delivered full-weight healthy babies, even though the pregnant women were very thin. These women had demanding physical activities and ate very low calorie diets. It turns out that they had high levels of hCG in their bodies. This “Eureka moment” revealed that the hypothalamus was responding to the hCG in these pregnant women, thereby mobilizing maternal fat stores which protected and nourished the baby.

A rare medical condition that causes obesity is known as Frohlich’s syndrome, or adiposogenital dystrophy. Dr. Simeons had noticed it in some young obese Indian boys. He decided to give them daily injections of hCG and they remarkably lost their gorging appetites. Dr. Simeons considered it miraculous as he witnessed their bodies “reshape” to normal, confirming that weight loss through hCG is a healthy stepping-stone to fat-loss.

Dr. Simeons next adventure was to experiment to see if  hCG would enable  non-pregnant women and men to lose weight. Daily hCG injections with a specific low fat, low calorie diet of only 500 calories a day, proved to result in astonishing weight reduction, and safely so. He discovered that it was not just weight loss, but “fat loss.” Nearly 100 percent of his patients lost one-half to one pound of body fat per day. There was no muscle loss. He theorized that the hCG directed the body to hold on to the good fat and burn the abnormal fat as fuel. The hypothalamus is responsible for many functions, and when it gets out of whack it wreaks havoc in the body, causing ultimate weight gain.

People are reportedly not hungry when taking hCG, and due to the caloric restriction, the body is forced to utilize stored fat. The body is literally “resculpted” to its original shape because the bulges disappear. This means that fat is lost and muscle has been retained, thereby, resulting in resculpted definition. There is a specific protocol to follow before, during and after the hCG plan, and it must be followed or it will not work. Many have maintained their loss of weight, but choosing to go back to old habits will derail the brain and cause the body to return to its bulging state.

Many who have failed with other numerous diet and exercise options, find this to be successful. Injections of hCG was once considered to be the weight loss solution for celebrities, as they were the only ones who could afford it. Today, hCG is offered in drops which has the same effectiveness, but is much more affordable to the average individual. Dr. Joseph Mercola, licensed physician and surgeon, admits that his first reaction to these findings was one of skepticism until one of his nutritional mentors,  Dr. Jonathan Wright graduate of  Harvard Medical School, found it to be safe and effective in his clinic. Both doctors use hCG in their medical practices today. To ensure safety, they advise those wishing to participate in this weight loss protocol to do so through a health care practioner, utilizing  only a pharmaceutical grade of the product.

Losing weight plagues many as obesity is on the rise. All three doctors mentioned are medical doctors. Dr. Simeons was the discovering doctor of the hCG protocol, and both Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Jonathan Wright are experiencing success in their practices today. Researching any diet consideration is key to success. Weight loss through hCG has been found to be a healthy stepping-stone to fat loss.

By Jill Boyer-Adriance

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