Xbox One Kinect Trade-in Accepted at GameStop


After the announcement by Microsoft that the Xbox One will no longer come bundled with the Kinect, GameStop has announced that it has started to accept trade-ins of the motion camera. This also shows that GameStop will also begin to sell used Kinect at low prices.

Now, many GameStop stores will give customers $40 store credit for a used Xbox One Kinect, or $32 in cash. GameStop has not yet announced how much they are going to sell the used Kinects for. Many used Kinects are being sold on eBay for the average price of around $60. GameStop has the usual profit margin of 30% when selling used products and the $60 price looks to be about how much a used Kinect could sell for.

No set price has been announced for when the Kinect is sold separately this fall. Microsoft set the value of the latest Kinect at $100 when it dropped the Kinect from the Xbox One bundle. The price of an Xbox One bundled with the Kinect is $499, while just the console itself is priced at $399. Buying a used Kinect may be appealing to some that are looking for a cheaper alternative if they chose to buy the console by itself.

The news of GameStop accepting trade-ins of the Xbox One Kinect comes with a bit of irony as it was Microsoft that was trying to cripple stores that bought and sold used games. GameStop was very vocal when Microsoft announced that the Xbox One came with heavy DRM with its game discs. At the time, Microsoft stated that every disc would be tied to a gamers profile and that discs traded would have to pay an additional price when played on the Xbox One. The uproar from gamers forced Microsoft to change that policy and used game sales have continued business as usual. Now, GameStop has a chance to take advantage of another Microsoft blunder with the Kinect.

Currently, the Kinect is not sold separately. Microsoft has only made plans to sell the Kinect towards the end of the year. GameStop could step up and become the most reliable way to purchase the Kinect for those that purchased the Xbox One unbundled. Also, buying the Xbox One for $399 and purchasing a used Kinect would be cheaper than spending $499 for both bundled together.

Selling the Kinect that originally came bundled with the Xbox One could be the best option for those that see that Microsoft is easing up on the support for the camera sensor. Now that the Kinect is no longer bundled, it would mean that game developers will not have to think about the sensor when creating games. Also, the recent update to the Xbox Developer Kit that will allow developers to turn off certain Kinect features to release GPU power will also aid in better games. The new updates will make the Kinect completely optional just like it did on the Xbox 360.

Now that GameStop will accept trade-ins for the Xbox One Kinect, many owners that do not use theirs will have a place to sell it for a reasonable price. That trade-in credit could now be used towards buying a game that focuses more on the controller than a motion camera.

By Raul Hernandez


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