YouTube Most Popular Video Finally Breaks 2 Billion Views [Video]


Only three days after reporting that the most popular video on YouTube was close to breaking the 2 billion mark, Psy’s Gangnam Style reached the mark. The video was uploaded to YouTube in 2012 and since then it had been breaking records. Finally, the most popular video of YouTube broke the 2 billion viewer mark.

The song went viral only a few months after its initial release. It sparked the creation of many parodies, commercials and related videos. Similar to the Harlem Shake trend, Gangnam Style earned its popularity due to the irreplaceable and eternal dance moves that continue to gallop their way around the world.

While the South Korean pop star is excited to have broken the Guinness World Record yet again, he has tweeted out to his fans and followers “Two billion views; they are very honorable and very burdensome numbers. With the appreciation, I will come back soon with more joyful contents!”

This is an inspiring message to many fans who have been waiting for another song release for a while. While Psy has been producing many songs since the release of Gangnam Style, only one of these songs had come close in garnering nearly a billion views. The song Gentleman has come close to a billion by being in the top 7 most popular songs of YouTube. Meanwhile, MTV News had calculated that at 4 minutes and 13 seconds (the length of the video), it would take a single viewer more than 16,045 years to watch Gangnam Style 2 billion times in a row. It become clear that Psy does not continuously watch his own videos to drive up the viewer count.

Until his hit single Gangnam Style became popular, Psy frequently sung songs geared towards the older audience in Korea. Now that he has become a world celebrity, nearly everyone loves the catchy and foreign tunes. He had gained popularity among people of all ages. Many small children love Gangnam Style for its funny dance and video, while youth and adults prefer the song for its catchy tune. Of course because the song is in Korean and many people have absolutely no idea what Psy is singing, it is difficult for Gangnam Style to get on anyone’s nerves. The aspect of foreign culture makes the song stand out and become more lovable than Friday by Rebecca Black ever was.

The humble pop star also has bragging rights by holding several other popularity titles. This includes the “Most Views in a Day” with 38 million for his hit Gentleman and the “Most Liked Clip”, a title which Psy had overtook from LMFAO and their song Party Rock Anthem.

When Gangnam Style had first received the title of the most watched YouTube video, it was competing with many of the Justin Bieber fans who continuously watched Baby. Justin Bieber’s famous song is the only other video that has reached a billion views on YouTube, however it is well behind Gangnam Style with only 1.04 billion views.

Although Psy has released three of the top 15 YouTube videos, the star is not going to give up. His songs are catchy and ad worthy, with Psy generation millions of dollars just by allowing his songs to be played in the background or appearing himself in commercials. As the most popular YouTube video finally breaks the 2 billion record, many wonder what else is in store from the world’s pop king.

By Ivelina Kunina

Daily Mail

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