A New Age in HIV Dating

A New Age in HIV DatingWith huge developments in anti-viral medication this has become a new age in STD dating. The control of HIV transmission has led to the creation of a variety of STD dating sites that help those who have contracted a sexually transmitted disease (STD) find companionship, friendship and romance with others in similar situations. HIV concerns are not isolated to the LGBT community, which became increasingly evident with the movie Dallas Buyer’s Club. This film was based on the true story of Ron Woodroof, an alleged straight man who contracted AIDS.

One dating site with thousands of members is PositiveSingles.com. When browsing their site members find a haven of positivity complete with people seeking to enjoy their life in spite of their diagnosis. Positive Singles is a community of people who are not depressed but are encouraged because the virus is under control and their future looks bright.

Unfortunately, being HIV positive no longer makes people special within the LGBT community and is no longer the huge obstacle it was in times past. STDs such as AIDS and HIV have long had a negative stigma attached to them when it comes to dating. Although STDs are more common than in times past there are still many who are apprehensive about sharing their status because there is still a stigma associated with HIV/AIDS and other STDs. As a result there still exists much embarrassment and shame for some people.

The primary reason the shame was previously so great is people lacked knowledge but it has now become more mainstream and as such, information can be found in many places. Even with all the knowledge that is available and given how widespread HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns are people still shy away from the information.

With the constant development of medication HIV is no longer the death sentence it once was. Many are now benefiting from the increase of anti-viral medication that is being made available. Anti-HIV drugs work to stop the virus from reproducing or multiplying in the body. When a person goes on treatment the levels of virus in their body begins to decrease dramatically, their immune system starts the recovery process and they no longer get sick on a regular basis. Even more importantly, this leads to a dramatic lowering of the transmission of the virus within the gay and straight communities.

One popular treatment is Modern Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). ART has been known to prevent the HIV virus from multiplying, with reports that many times it suppresses the virus so much that it is undetectable. Recent research shows people taking ART do not easily transmit the virus, even under the most risky sexual conditions. One study known as HPTN 052 revealed that ART reduced the chance of HIV transmission by 96 percent and in the UK another study showed out of more than 30,000 unprotected sex acts, no HIV transmissions occurred.

One of the biggest challenges for positive singles, or people with sexually transmitted diseases or infections, is they A New Age in HIV Datingbelieve once they are diagnosed their social life is over. There are approximately 110 million people in America who have some type of STD and 20 million new cases are being diagnosed every year. In addition to online counseling and support for managing and coming to terms with the stigma of testing positive for an STD, members of PositiveSingles.com have found love and freedom being perfectly imperfect.

This is definitely a new age in HIV dating. Once a person finds out they have tested positive for a STD their dating life does not have to end. PositiveSingles.com provides several testimonials for people dating with HIV, herpes and other STDs. This site has been deemed the largest, best, most trusted and completely anonymous online dating site for people with all types of STDs. This online community has members in the United States, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Positive Singles is not the only dating site for singles with an STD but it is arguably the most popular site. On this site people can narrow their communication by only connecting with those who have the same diagnosis or they can communicate with others who have been positively diagnosed with another type of STD.

This online community cares very much about privacy. No one is required to submit any information they are not ready to share. All information remains private and anonymous until the user is ready to open up and take things further. Positive Singles is open to anyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

The control of HIV transmission has led to the creation of various HIV Dating Sites such as PositiveSingles.com. Positive Singles is an exclusive community of warm-hearted singles and friends who have tested positive for STDs. Not only can people find information about STDs and medical treatments but they can also meet new friends, potential spouses or partners. The many people who have contracted HIV would agree this is undoubtedly a new age in STD dating.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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