Belkin App Slow-Cooks With New Crock-Pot

BelkinBelkin International, Inc. has its hands in the proverbial technology cookie jar. Odds are, if there is a gadget, Belkin makes an accessory that can be used with it. In addition to products it makes for phones, tablets, laptops and TVs, the company is also a leading manufacturer of Universal Serial Bus (USB) devices. They support home theatre systems, provide battery backups, and are involved in fiber optics, cable routers and other technological areas.  The privately owned California-based tech company services commercial and government sectors, as well as the home. Starting August 1st, Belkin will  be slow-cooking in the kitchen with  their new Wi-Fi connected Crock-Pot that runs through the WeMo app.

WeMo is a platform that runs through the free WeMo app.  It works with any device running iOS 6 and higher or Android 4.0 and higher, according to Re/Code, and allows users to connect home-based products seamlessly through a Wi-Fi connection. WeMo devices include WeMo Smart LED Bulbs, WeMo LED Lighting Starter Set, and the WeMo Maker Kit, along with this week’s release of the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo.

Belkin claims that the entire home or “smart home” can be connected through its WeMo platform in a simple and affordable way, something generally unheard of when employing Wi-Fi technology into residential living. 2014 is set to bring WeMo to the forefront of how a smart device can work throughout a house, with new products and upgrades in the coming year.

The aforementioned WeMo Smart LED Bulb lets a user schedule, dim and control the lighting of the bulb from anywhere with a simple touch to any smart device enabled with WeMo, and it is as easy to replace as a regular light bulb. The bulb can be controlled by an individual or group, according to Belkin, and can support up to 50 smart bulbs. It is this same ease of use that Belkin wants to deliver in slow-cooking food in a Crock-Pot, when used in conjunction with its WeMo app.

Belkin’s new Crock-Pot will be the first of its kind – able to be controlled through a smartphone or tablet. It allows users to adjust settings from anywhere and allows for flexibility when life throws those unexpected curveballs. A user can receive reminders, adjust temperatures, check the status of a meal and change cooking times, all to ensure dinner is ready when the kids get home, and it can be done from miles and miles away. Forget the meeting that is going to run late, the bumper to bumper traffic – the Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo is designed to alleviate all the stressors of an everyday fast-paced life.

Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker with WeMo is made in collaboration with Jarden Corporation, the parent company of the Crock-Pot brand and will retail for $129.99. On August 1, Belkin will premier its new Crock-Pot with the slow cooking app. The innovative cooking product will set a precedent for a line of similar products to follow from Belkin and the Crock-Pot maker, including a coffee maker, a console heater, a console humidifier and an air purifier. These products should all hit the shelves sometime in the coming months of 2014.

By Justin Williams



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