Colbie Caillat Takes Stand on Impossible Beauty Standards

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In her new video, Try, singer Colbie Caillat has a beautiful message to women: stop trying so hard to reach unfair standards of beauty. The singers powerful lyrics speak to women and reassure them they are perfect just the way they are.

Caillat was inspired to write this song from her own experience in the music industry. The singer was feeling a lot of pressure to become someone she was not, image-wise and musically. She finally had enough and was venting her frustrations to a friend, Kenneth Edmonds. Caillat told Edmonds that even though she didn’t want to, she was just going to give into people to make them happy.

Caillat says that Edmonds laughed and told her no. He then asked her to write down exactly what she was feeling. The singer started to go through the list of things she was expected to do every day. The list included getting her nails done, having the best outfit, looking polished, and having her makeup done professionally. Caillat says that without those things, she wondered if people would still like her and treat her the same way.

Colbie Caillat realized that most women also try hard to fit societies impossible standards of beauty, and feel the pressure to look good every single day. The singer talks about how everyone has blemishes, gray hair, or crooked teeth, and we all try to hide our flaws from each other—even though we all know we have them.

In the video for Try, Caillat appears with several other women, in full makeup. Then, as the video goes on, the makeup comes off, and viewers see what each woman looks like without the foundation, false eyelashes, and false hair. It is a powerful message that you are beautiful just the way you are, without trying. Caillat wants women to like themselves first, and forget about fixing their imperfections.

On her new album cover, Caillat also chose not to use Photoshop. Even though the singer was worried at first that her album wouldn’t look as polished next to other artists, Caillat is determined to not create a false reality about what she looks like to her fans. Another star, Vanessa Hudgens, also rejected Photoshop for her new Bongo campaign. Hudgens agrees with Caillat, that women should not feel pressured to fit the unrealistic beauty images.

Colbie Caillat also says she is simplifying her look when it comes to hair and makeup. For her video, Try, the singer did not diet or starve herself, she did not get a facial, or even get her hair and nails done. There was no stylist on set either. Although she is taking a simpler approach to her image, Caillat admits that she still likes to get dolled up from time to time.

Fans no doubt appreciate Colbie Caillat speaking out about the impossible beauty standards and expectations women face from society. Caillat says that when women have on a cute outfit, or have their makeup done, everyone comments about how nice they look. But when a woman goes without makeup, people comment about how tired they look, or how brave they are to go without it. Caillat says it liberating to be natural and reminds women that it’s okay to not try so hard all the time.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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