Disney Princesses Used for Saint Hoax Artwork Again


Saint Hoax has used the Disney princesses for his artwork again. Taking a leaf out of AleXandro Palombo’s book, the Middle Eastern artist has used the princesses to show the problems with domestic violence in society. The likes of Ariel, Jasmine and Cinderella all appear battered and bruised in various clips.

This is not the first time Saint Hoax has used the princesses from Disney movies. Just last month, his artwork depicting the problems of child abuse hit the media. He named his artwork The Princest Diaries, as it all depicted the princesses being molested by their fathers. As not all of the princesses have fathers in their lives, Ariel, Jasmine and Aurora were used as a way to encourage children to speak out when they know something is not right within their family dynamic. According to the posters, 46 percent of minors are victims of rape by family members, but not all are reported.

The latest artwork to fight against domestic abuse has a simple line at the bottom asking women when he stopped “treating you like a princess.” There is then another line encourage women to bring an end to the abuse, because there is no need to suffer from it. Each poster has a different princess, such as Aurora with a black eye and bust lip and Ariel looking similar with very dishevelled hair.

Saint Hoax uses the Disney princesses for his artwork again, but he is certainly not the only artist to use it. The benefit of using such popular princesses is that it speaks volumes to those it is intended for. Even adults will connect with the characters they grew up with.

Milan artist Palombo opted for the princesses for the same reason. However, he also opted for other cartoon characters so all adults would connect with something. Some of the characters used included Lois Griffin from Family Guy and Marge Simpsons from The Simpsons. Palombo has also used the princesses as a way to depict disabilities.

Coming from the Middle East makes the decision to depict domestic violence an interesting choice for Saint Hoax. The artist recently explained that there is a lot of injustice and violence her country, and she speaks out about that. Her artwork is the chance to do it safely, while encouraging others to speak out about it.

While the abuse is physical in each of the images, Saint Hoax has pointed out that there is also emotional and mental abuse. It is very difficult to get that across in an image, even using popular characters that people will relate to. She wanted to make sure everyone was aware that they could be at risk, but that it is never too late to stop anything.

The princesses and other cartoon characters are likely to be used again to highlight distressing problems. Characters like these are ones that everyone can relate to for various reasons. Saint Hoax has found this, which is why she has used the Disney princesses again and probably will do again in the future.

By Alexandria Ingham



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