‘Dominion’ Broken Places Episode 3 – Recap and Review


The third episode, Broken Places, of Syfy’s new show Dominion reveals more vital information to the viewer on where the storyline is headed. It begins with Gabriel (Carl Beukes), the archangel who intends to destroy the human race, meeting with William Whele and telling him how he needs one loyal man in order to bring his father, God, back from where ever it is he has gone. Gabriel tells William that he leads the Black Acolytes, those who worship Gabriel and Angels, because he is strong and does not shy from the sight of blood, after he slaughters the humans in the diner.

The new development that angels of the higher order are joining Gabriel’s side is discussed in greater detail in this episode of Dominion. Human’s and angels of the higher order are almost indistinguishable, which is a problem for Vega’s security. Senator Whele, in a meeting of the Vega Senate, accuses Michael of not even being on the human’s side, because he is not completely honest with them about what he knows. Michael threatens Whele, asking him if murder is even a crime for an angel? Michael is then seen visiting a man in the city who is actually a higher order angel in disguise. Their conversation gives away the fact that more of these angels, who are on the side of humans, are scattered around the city of Vega. Michael orders the man to tell the others to leave the city if they are against the humans. Later on Senator Whele speaks with Senator Thorn about Michael, and how he knows she visits him late at night. He blackmails her into bringing him reports on Michael’s vulnerabilities in order to learn more about high order angels in general, such as how to spot them, and if necessary eliminate them.

Gabriel becomes much more of a frequent on-screen character in the third episode of Dominion. The viewer learns that he is trying to influence Alex, the Chosen One, to come over to the angel’s side, but the reason why exactly, is not revealed. Presumably it has to do with the tattoos that Alex is burdened by upon his physical body. Michael upon hearing that Alex has left the city immediately disappears to go find him. After an argument in which Alex tells Michael to just leave him alone, Michael takes him back to his childhood home. On the walls of the home are words and symbols scrawled all over from when Jeep, Alex’s father, held the tattoos on his body, and was trying to decipher them. It leads to bad flashbacks for Alex, and a discussion of how Jeep and Alex’s mother loved him dearly, and did everything they could to protect him.

Meanwhile in Broken Places, the third episode of Dominion, General Riesen has told Claire of his sickness after she has scolded him for treating V-1’s as if there just numbers, and not humans. This highlights the class system struggle that the creators have decided to put in place in Vega. Claire wants to break the class system and allow anyone to be able to rise up, giving them hope for a better life. She makes a deal with her father, Commander Riesen, that if she marries William Whele, then a bill of rights for all levels of people, V-1 to v-6, will be written.

Also the storyline with Arika becomes more complicated. She and Senator Whele discuss terms about Vega trading valuable scientific knowledge of the nuclear reactors in turn for an air force from Helena. Those plans are disrupted once Arika gets a package from Helena containing the body of who she claims is her sister. It appears to be a message from Helena that she is no longer welcome. The creators of the show add in an interesting scene, where the viewer learns that different cities have different death customs. Vega traditionally burns the bodies of their dead to prevent them from being taken host by an angel. Helena, in contrast, throws them into the Ocean. Arika, no longer sure of her place within Helena because of this message, promises to try a cout d’etat inside of Helena if Vega gives her asylum while she plans it. Near the end of the episode, the viewer is shown a brief scene where an earring, or another small device, is turned on and its flashing is mirrored by something else out in the distant night sky. It definitely seems like treachery against Vega.

The third episode of Dominion draws to a close after a battle between Michael and Furiad, Gabriel’s right hand man. Michael is stabbed and wounded by Furiad, who triumphantly returns to Gabriel. Only Gabriel is very angry and kills a young woman who Furiad loves, telling him to never lay a finger on his brother again. The viewer is also given a further glimpse into the inner workings of the Black Acolyte cult. William Whele is leading the meeting, telling the disciples that they have found the Chosen One. A new member is initiated and the ritual is rather disturbing. They tie a ribbon around the torso of the man, signifying the promise Gabriel gave them, and then twist it tighter and tighter until it breaks the ribs of the man. It is a gruesome scene and shows the dark and cruel nature of the angel worshipping cult. The third episode of Dominion, Broken Places, ends with a cliffhanger as Alex is driving back to Vega in order to save Michaels life, who is slowly bleeding out from the attack by Furiad.

By B. Taylor Rash

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