Slender Man Suspect Receiving No Jail Time

Slender Man

In the year 2009, Slender Man was created and surfaced quickly into the world of horror. The creators of this supernatural spirit made him to be an ‘urban legend’. This being, as told by the creators and other stories, had its eyes set on that of children. To make matters, in a sense, scarier for people, the children would never be seen again once going off with this entity. However, no matter how much of a scare factor this creature was, Slender Man is only a fictional character. Back in the month of May, two 12-year-old girls from Waukesha, Wisconsin took it upon themselves to plan and execute the murder of a fellow classmate to appease the fictional being, Slender Man. Reports said that both girls were to stand trial as adults and could potentially face up to 65 years in jail. In recent reports, however, one of the Slender Man suspects will not be receiving any jail time.

According to recent news reports, one of the 12-year-old suspects that took part in the Slender Man stabbing has been found mentally unstable and will not receive any kind of jail time. Morgan Geyser was said to be examined by two doctors whom of which concluded that she was mentally incompetent. In one report, Geyser reportedly said within the courtroom braiding her hair, showing no emotional response to the situation. This was another indicator, according to the doctors, that her mental state was not stable enough to stand trial.

Geyser, along with her friend, Anna Weier had reported been planning to kill their classmate for months prior to the initial incident. They planned to take her back into the woods, telling the other girl they were going to play a game of hide-and-seek where they then proceeded to stab her 19 times with a kitchen knife. The classmate was then left for dead, as she was a ‘sacrifice’ to the fictional, supernatural being, Slender Man. The plan did not go according to plan, however, as the stabbed girl was said to have crawled out into the open where a bicyclist found her bloodied on the road. According to one doctor, the knife came rather close to hitting a major artery by the girl’s heart, narrowly missing it. She has been reported to have been released from the hospital, healing up in the confines of her home.

On social sites, such as Facebook, comments vary in opinion to this latest update in the case. Some feel as though Geyser, along with Weier, should be placed in jail. Many feel as though if both girls were ‘big’ enough and ‘competent’ enough to commit such a crime that they should be doing the time for it. However, the opposing comments carry the similar thought of the girls only being 12 years of age, thus this being a reasonable conclusion to the case. There have also been comments that target Geyser’s skin color, some saying that had she been any other color besides white that she would have been tried and sent to jail without much fuss for the Slender Man stabbing.

According to one report from USA Today, under Wisconsin law, if one is deemed to have mental incompetence added to their defense then that person cannot be convicted, sentenced, or tried in court. While Geyser had been placed under ‘mental incompetency’, Weier’s case has yet to be determined as to whether or not she was mentally dysfunctional as well. Attorneys for both girls are doing much in their power to move the case into juvenile court. Therefore, while no jail time will be received for one of the Slender Man stabbing suspects, it has been stated that both girls are to attend another hearing on August 1.

By Isis E. Stevens

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3 Responses to "Slender Man Suspect Receiving No Jail Time"

  1. Stanton Heck   July 6, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    This is not true. They are getting mental help first in order to stand trial> Get your facts straight before posting

  2. Isis E. Stevens   July 6, 2014 at 8:41 am

    That’s exactly what I said. The hearings are on August 1. Where am I wrong with having said pretty much the same thing as my sources?

  3. mi   July 5, 2014 at 8:03 am

    Read the articles my self the author has it wrong totally wrong. The competence tr a il is also on 8/1 it’s far from over. They are now trying to determine her mental defect if any and must be d one by the 8/1 date.

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