‘Dominion’ on Syfy Fourth Episode ‘The Flood’ – Recap and Review


In the fourth episode, “The Flood” of Syfy’s Dominion, Alex Lannen faces some difficult decisions, and the leaders of Vega are put at risk. In the previous episode Alex leaves Vega to try and sort things out with himself, but when Michael takes Alex to his childhood home, Furiad attacks, and leaves Michael with a life-threatening stab wound.

The fourth episode begins with Alex arriving in Vega and Michael being treated in the hospital. Alex gets arrested for desertion of duty. Instead of stripping down and being thrown in the public cells Alex decided to head-butt one of the guards in order to go to isolation, thus keep his identity as the Chosen One a secret by not letting anyone see his tattoos.

Next Senator Becca Thorn is seen lying next to Michael as the archangel recovers. A mysterious figure comes in the room and puts what appears to be angel feather fluid on his wound, which makes it instantly heal. Michael then wakes in his Vega room inside the observation deck of the Stratosphere Tower. He wants to find Alex and the weapon that he was stabbed with, but is too weak and needs rest.

In the night a woman comes to attack Thorn while she is sleeping next to Michael. He stops the attack and the two fly outside and half-heartedly fight. The woman is angry that Michael has not notified the other high-order angels of the Chosen One’s existence. Before she leaves she tells him to come north, “little brother.”

In the following scene of Dominion the viewer sees Claire Riesen visiting Bixby in the hospital. Bixby instead of saying she saw Alex, uses the moniker the Chosen One, which Senator Frost overhears. Frost then brings up the existence of the Chosen One in a senate meeting, but Senator Whele diffuses the situation by making it into a joke. Thorn, Whele and Riesen all exchange glances though, knowing that their secret may no longer be safe.

Michael meets his sister, Uriel, and their brother, Gabriel, in what appears to be an old public library in the now abandoned city of San Francisco. Uriel states that she has not chosen a side in this battle yet, but does not want the two of them directly attacking each other because Michael almost got killed.

“The Flood,” the fourth episode of Syfy’s Dominion, continues with Alex waking from a dream where water is washing off his tattoos. The ink runs on to the floor and spells out, “she died for you.” Alex wakes to Claire visiting him and asking him what he wants to do. Alex is afraid that he will continue to hurt the people around him like Bixby, Claire and Michael. Claire will have none of it and orders that Alex be released, which shows off her power as daughter of General Riesen.

In an interesting side plot Sergeant Noma Walker, one of Alex’s friends in the military, is assigned to watch Arika, the woman from Helena. Arika says that Walker is different from other people, and that she wants Walker to come with her as protection when she leaves Vega. The scene is briefly mentioned later in the barracks, but seems like it could have a larger importance in future episodes.

Next in Dominion, General Riesen and Senator’s Whele and Frost, meet in the new crop towers that will produce food for Vega. Frost decides he cannot let the two of them rule the city and hide secrets from the public any longer. He demands to see the Chosen One, holding them, and the food supply of the city hostage, until his demands are met. He releases water from the irrigation pipes to flood the tower, increasing the drama of the situation.

Senator Thorn is the senior member of the senate with Frost, Riesen, and Whele in the hostage situation. She asks Claire to be the acting lady of the city in her father’s place. William is also sitting in for his father. They both get their first experience leading Vega in a crisis. Claire goes to find Alex while William and Thorn vote to send in the militia to act with force because they are afraid to put Alex in harms way as the Chosen One.

Meanwhile, Michael and Uriel are still talking and he tells her to be patient in waiting for their father to come back. She says that he needs to teach the Chosen One to unlock the markings and full his destiny. If he does that, then she will fight with Michael against Gabriel. Uriel seems to have her own agenda though. At the end of the show she gives Gabriel her word that he will have her sword if he can get the Chosen One to come to his side.

Back in the hostage crisis of Dominion, the militia is just about to raid the crop tower to try and save Whele and Riesen when Alex asks his commander to act as negotiator. The commander tells him to get back in line, but then Claire walks in and gives an executive order as acting Lady of the City to allow Alex to enter the tower. Alex goes in and reveals that he is the Chosen One to Frost, proving it by saying, “she died for you,” which apparently has special meaning to Frost because his daughter died in the beginning of the war.

Frost stops the tower from flooding and puts down the gun and kneels before Alex, saying, he is the savior of the Vega. Riesen picks up the gun and puts a bullet through Frost’s head, and Whele tells Alex to put back on his shirt. They clearly do not want the fact that there is a Chosen One to leak out to the public.

The fourth episode of Syfy’s Dominion ends with Alex and Claire celebrating how they avoided the flood and saved the city. Alex believes in himself now, since the words he spoke to Frost just came to him when he needed them. The screen then cuts to Whele killing Bixby in her hospital bed so another incident does not occur.

Commentary by B. Taylor Rash

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