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Extreme Weight Loss

Tonight, on Extreme Weight Loss on ABC, we get to meet Georgeanna Johnson, the wife of Church on the Move assistant pastor Scott Johnson. At her initial weigh-in, she weighs 315 pounds. After she became the mother of two daughters, this former cheerleader and gymnast gave up on exercising. She and her husband Scott moved from Kentucky to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2004.

Georgeanna wrote to Chris and Heidi Powell requesting help in losing her weight and rediscover her inner gymnast. She says that she is 161 pounds overweight. She would like to be able to do a back flip on each of her birthdays from now on. She says that, with the added weight, she feels “unneeded, unnecessary.”

Georgeanna will embark on her year-long weight loss journey with the help of the husband-and-wife trainers and transformational coaches Chris and Heidi Powell. She will need to lose approximately half of her body weight to qualify for skin reduction surgery to remove the extra skin she will have after losing the weight.

Chris Powell always tries to surprise the people he and his wife work with on Extreme Weight Loss with the news that he or she has been chosen to be on the show. In Georgeanna’s case, she gets surprised at her husband, Scott’s, church, while she is saying a prayer. He tells her: “Your transformation has officially begun.”  Extreme Weight Loss

Chris gives Georgeanna a big hug and tell her she now must do her initial weigh-in. Georgeanna is embarrassed to step on the scale in front of everyone, but, as Chris tells her “If you’re too scared to step on the scale, you can’t change.” She weighs in at 315 pounds. She starts to cry, but in some respects, she says she feels “almost free.”

Chris gives her the goal of losing 90 pounds in three months. Though she will spend the next three months away from her two daughters and her husband, she must live for herself for a change and lose the weight that is preventing her from being the person that she wants to be. Georgeanna spends the next 90 days of her year-long weight loss journey in Colorado, at the world-renowned Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado.

Chris tells her at the center “It’s time for you to start being who you want to be.”

Georgeanna answers by saying “I really do feel like I’m starting life again at 44.”

Georgeanna really puts her all into her workouts. At one point, Chris and Heidi have her do cartwheels on a lawn. She feels like stopping because she gets tired, but she keeps on going.

Day after day, Georgeanna puts in her workouts and keeps dropping weight. She is a perfectionist. Chris says that she “is one of the best clients I’ve ever had.”

At her 90 Day Weigh-in, looking at a blown-up photo of what she had looked like at the start of the year, Georgeanna says “That’s hard to look at.”

Chris tells her that “If the scale says 225 or less you’ve met your goal.” The scale gives her weight as being 224 pounds. She has not only made her goal but has lost even one more pound, 94 pounds altogether.

Chris tells the camera: “It just goes to show that in 90 days you can change your life forever.”

Georgeanna is also impressed by how she has done so far, saying “That’s 30 percent of my body weight.”

Chris surprises her by showing her a big screen on the wall with Nadia Comaneci there to talk to her. Nadia tells her that “Starting next week, I’ll be getting you ready for your Nine Month Milestone,” she says. “See you in Oklahoma.”

Chris and Heidi then give her another surprise by saying that she will be given a full makeover. After her makeover, Heidi says “You look amazing!” Chris tells the camera “She looked amazing and confident.”

“Phase I is over and Phase II has just begun,” Chris tells her.

For her Phase II Goal, Chris wants her to lose 40 more pounds. “As long as she keeps believing in herself she can make this goal,” Chris says. Then, he and Heidi tells her that her Six Month Milestone will be to do a gymnastic routine by the end of the six months.

Heidi tells her to include “at least one front handspring and one back handspring.” She will be working with Nadia Comaneci. Chris and Heidi will not be there to assist her during Phase II.

When Georgeanna gets back home, Scott introduces her to an auditorium full of her friends, family and well-wishers. He is astonished by how different his wife now looks and says “I did not recognize you!”

Georgeanna tells everyone gathered there to see how her transformation has progressed so far that she has lost 90 pounds. Scott also worked out during the 90 days, on his own, working on a transformation that is amazing in its own right.

She tearfully thanks everyone in the audience for showing her how much they care for her. Later, Mary Lou Retton will also join her and helps her with the gymnastics routine that she will be learning.

Scott supports Georgeanna all the way, working out side-by-side with kettledrums. They run 5Ks together, also, supporting each other.  Extreme Weight Loss

Then comes the time when Georgeanna gets to meet Nadia Comaneci. “Meeting Nadia Comaneci was mind-blowing,” Georgeanna says. Nadia asks her how much she has lost she far. She tells Nadia that she has lost 117 pounds.

Nadia had her do a cartwheel first. Then, she did an assisted back flip. Georgeanna looks like she loves working out with Nadia and she feels as if they are becoming friends. “It’s amazing to stretch out my body and make it do things that I didn’t know it could still do.”

Nadia says that “with hard work, I think Georgeanna will make it to her Six Month Milestone.”

Nadia has to be out of town a few weeks, so Chris has another Olympic Gold Medal-winning gymnast, Mary Lou Retton, take her place. Georgeanna tells her “You were my role model growing up!” They are about the same age.

“Gymnastics is a sport about perfection,” Mary Lou says. She adds that she has a daughter and it is time to break the cycle of wanting and needing “perfection.”

Georgeanna is afraid that she will not be able to do a backspring on her own by the time of her Six Month Milestone. Mary Lou Retton assures her that she can, but she says to the camera that Georgeanna cannot let her timidity stop her from achieving her goals.

At the Six Month Weigh-In, Heidi tells her “You look like a different woman.”

“Today, if it says 181 pounds or less, you’ve met your goal,” Chris says. She weighs in at exactly 181 pounds. “40 pounds lost, right on the nose!” Chis says.

Heidi asks to see her do her back handspring and the entire routine so far. But, when she performed the routine for Heidi, she had no front nor back handspring in it.

Heidi believes that Georgeanna is afraid of looking bad and getting hurt. “That fear is stopping you!” Heidi tells her. “You’re paralyzed!” She tells Georgeanna “Push through it! You’re scared of falling, and you might. Things might not be perfect. It’s about taking risks. That’s when the magic happens.”

Finally, Georgeanna did both a front and back handspring, with a little bit of assistance, and Heidi said “Look at that! That was perfect!”

At the Six Month Milestone, in front of an entire auditorium full of hundreds of people, Georgeanna came out and did her routine. As judges, Shannon Miller was there, as well as Dominique Dawes and Bart Conner.

“It got really real, real fast,” Georgeanna tells the camera. She is afraid, but just needs to, as Heidi pout it, “get out there and have fun with it.”

Georgeanna did not do very well on the balance beam when she first tried it out. Chris says that “Six months ago, she would have been out the door.” We will have to wait until the next commercial break is over to see if she decides to try it again.

Georgeanna does continue on, getting more confident as she continued. Bart Conner told her “Aggressiveness always pays off, even on the balance beam. The fact that Georgeanna is doing any gymnastics at all is wonderful.”

“Next up,” Chris says, “is the floor routine.” Heidi does not know if Georgeanna will attempt to do a back handspring, but she does try one, with Heidi’s help. She falls down a couple of times, but she keeps on going, with a smile on her face.

Chris Powell is proud of her for continuing on, despite a few flubs here and there. Georgeanna thanks everyone who came to see her perform. She stuck it out.

Chris tells her “What would you say if we gave you another shot at it?” Chris and Heidi tell her that she will get that back handspring right.

Her Phase III Goal will be to lose 21 pounds more in the next three months. Losing them will not be as easy as it was losing her initial weight.

“The easy pounds are now long gone,” Georgeanna says. She is focused on trying to get her back handspring right before she has her Nine Month Weigh-In.

“Georgeanna looked amazing,” Chris says to the camera when he and Heidi see her at the Nine Month Weigh-In. Georgeanna says that she “has something to show them.” She changes her clothes and gets back into her gymnastics costume and she nails the back handspring! She wants to now do one every year on her birthday.

I want to do gymnastics now!” Heidi says.

After Georgeanna changes back into her regular clothes, later that evening she has her Nine Month Weigh-In. Her goal is to weigh 160 or less, 21 pounds or more. Extreme Weight Loss went to yet another commercial break as it usually frustratingly does right before a dramatic reveal occurs.

At day 270, she weighs in at 163 pounds. She did not meet her goal, but she has come very close. “It’s probably the first time I’ve said it, but I’m glad to see you didn’t meet your goal,” Chris says. That is just because he is glad to see that, although she is a perfectionist, she did not fall apart by not meeting the goal.

Chris and Heidi tell her that they are glad to take her the next day and see the skin removal doctor. Georgeanna says she feels that they have both become her friends. She has qualified for the skin removal surgery. Scott is there and says a prayer before the surgery takes place, then he gives her a big kiss.

At the end of the year, Chris Powell tells an auditorium full of people “She does not look like that anymore!” as he points at the blown-up photo of how Georgeanna looked at the beginning of the year.

“Transformation is about falling down and getting back up. Once Georgeanna embraced that, there was no stopping her. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the perfectly imperfect Georgeanna!”

Extreme Weight Loss went to another commercial break, but when the show returned, Georeanna is finally shown, looking amazing in a red dress. “I feel like I’ve been working out non-stop for a year,” she says. “I don’t think I could have done it without him (Scott).”

Chris calls Scott up on the stage. Scott has lost 51 pounds, going from 256 down to 205. Scott thanks Chris, also, saying that he and Heidi have helped change them forever.

“If it says 151 pounds or less, you’ve met your goal,” Chris says at the final weigh-in. We are shown scenes from the past year, of Georgeanna’s triumphs and how fear sometimes paralyzed her. Then, Extreme Weight Loss went to another commercial break.

She weighs in at 150 pounds! Way to go, Georgeanna! She has lost 165 pounds in one year, “which is more than you weigh right now!” Chris enthuses.

Georgeanna says tearfully that her family has “been there every step of the way for me.”

Chris asks her “What’s next?” and she says that she “wants to inspire other women to also make the change.”

Chris hands her the week-long scholarship to the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora, Colorado and asks her who she would like to give it to and “pay it forward.” She tearfully says “I’d like to give it to my sister, Shelley.”

Georgeanna says she has “mixed emotions” because she now has to say goodbye to her two friends, Chris and Heidi. Congratulations, Georgeanna, on meeting your year-long weight loss goal!

On Extreme Weight Loss tonight, Georgeanna Johnson was featured. She had been both a cheerleader and a gymnast when she was younger, but after she got married and had her two daughters, she stopped trying to maintain her weight. It got more difficult for her to do things related to gymnastics that had seemed easier to her in the past. She basically gave up and started to put on more and more weight, putting herself after her husband and daughters.

When Georgeanna finally had enough of the same old cycle of putting on weight and putting herself second to everyone else, she decided to write Chris and Heidi Powell. By doing that one small act, her life began to change forever and for the better. As is often the case, there were many tear-jerking moments in this episode, some out of sadness and some due to happy moments. Georgeanna had some frustrating moments but she did not let temporary failure prevent her from achieving her year-long weight loss goal. Extreme Weight Loss Georgeanna Johnson on ABC was another great episode!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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