FIFA World Cup Final Predicted By Dynamo [VIDEO]

FIFA World Cup Final

British magician Dynamo predicted the FIFA World Cup final before the start of the tournament. He burned a CD two weeks ago and shared it with Sky News staff asking for it all to be kept locked away until he returned later on after the tournament had ended. Just after the realization that it was going to be a Germany-Argentina final, the magician returned to the program and left the presenters spooked.

Some of the predictions were vague, but Dynamo did go into more detail eventually. At first, he just predicted that a major player would suffer an injury, which could have happened at any time. Considering the game and previous tournaments, it was very likely. However, he did predict that it would be Ronaldo, Neymar or Messi and that player would suffer a serious back injury ending their time in the tournament.

The presenters soon found themselves shocked, realizing that the prediction had come true. Neymar was injured after being kneed in the back. One of his vertebrae was fractured, and he was left unable to play for the rest of the tournament.

After that, Dynamo predicted that the final would be between a European team and a Latin American one. Again, this was a reasonable prediction that anybody could have gained just by looking at the groups and the wall charts created. It was also vague enough for it to come true.

This was where Dynamo’s predictions for the FIFA World Cup final got spooky, and the Sky News presenters were left questioning just how he managed it. He predicted that either Italy or Germany would face Argentina in the final.

Italy went out during the group stages, but Germany proved that it really was a team. The players defeated a number of big teams, including embarrassing Brazil with the 7-1 defeat in the semi-finals. Argentina was one of the favorites to win the tournament from the start, mainly due to its strong defense and amazing skills from Messi. It was a tense semi-final, but eventually Argentina came out on top.

The predictions did not stop there. Dynamo believed that the youngest player on the pitch would score in the 113th minute, and it would be the only goal of the game. Argentina would be left broken as the European team would go on to win the FIFA World Cup.

Scarily, the 113th minute did see a goal scored, and it was the youngest player on the pitch. That goal from Germany’s Mario Gotze, 22, and did end up being the only goal of the game. There was a goal from Argentina earlier, but it was disallowed due to the offside rule. Messi had a chance right at the end but the pressure proved to be too much for him.

There are skeptics out there who will not believe that the CD was recorded before the World Cup, but the Sky News presenters were certain that it was the same CD and had been locked away for the time being. Had the CD been played before the final, more people may have been happier hearing the prediction and seeing the eventual outcome. However, Dynamo is adamant that he predicted the FIFA World Cup final.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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2 Responses to "FIFA World Cup Final Predicted By Dynamo [VIDEO]"

  1. Chris   July 16, 2014 at 1:08 am

    I predict the CD player is rigged to play an mp3 of the mentalist’s feat, recorded after the World Cup final. There is probably nothing on the CD, just in case the trick goes wrong. Next time, put the CD player in the locked box.

  2. Don   July 15, 2014 at 10:06 am

    I predicted Argentina would beat Germany in the final on my pre world cup brackets also. Clearly I should look into magic

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