Giant Holes in Siberia

Giant Holes
Giant holes were discovered in Siberia recently and there has been no determination of how they were created. Initially, one giant hole was discovered in an area of Siberia called “The End of the World,” and two more giant holes have been discovered subsequently.

The first hole found is much larger than the other two. It has a 260-foot diameter, while the other two giant holes have a diameter of 50 feet and 13 feet. The 13-foot diameter giant hole has an estimated depth of about 328 feet and the other giant holes may be about 100 feet deep. One of the smaller holes has an icy lake at the bottom. All the giant holes have a similar appearance and the openings of the holes have a regular, round shape.

Officials who have inspected the holes have said that they do not look like natural formations, but there is no information about any type of human activity that could have produced these giant holes, although many suggestions have been offered. Ideas have included a giant underground explosion, some kind of alien activity, weapons testing, a natural gas eruption or a human prank.

A ring of debris surrounds the opening to each of these holes. One close-up image of the biggest hole shows strange twisted formations, with some regularity, in the debris. Some have indicated that the pile of debris on the outside of the hole may suggest an underground explosion of some sort. The walls of the giant holes appear smooth. The two smaller giant holes have been described as cones.

Local residents who live near the biggest giant hole have given eyewitness accounts of what happened on the day the hole formed, which they claim to have been Sept 27, 2013. Some local residents said they initially saw smoke coming from the area and then there was a bright flash. Other local residents said they saw something fall from the sky. Given their statement that the giant hole was created nearly one year ago, the discovery of the giant holes recently means they were just discovered by officials who had the means to present the giant holes to the rest of the world. It may be that the local residents have known about these giant holes for quite a while. It is actually not surprising that it took time for officials to take notice of strange phenomena that locals have been aware of for a long time. This happens regularly with sites from ancient civilizations.

Images of giant holes on the moon have been published recently in the media. While having a similar appearance does not suggest a similar cause, the giant holes on the moon do have a resemblance to the giant holes found in Siberia. The sizes of the diameters of the holes in Siberia and those found on the moon are relatively similar, or are at least not wildly different. Also, the shapes of the opening of the holes have a similar regularity and are, for the most part, near perfect circles. While scientists do not really know what caused the giant holes on the moon to form, the most frequent suggestion is that they have some relation to an underground cave system. Similarly, the largest giant hole in Siberia has been said to have a large cavern at the bottom. The mystery about these giant holes will undoubtedly continue for quite a while.

By Margaret Lutze

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  1. Tabitha Farrar   July 30, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    Very weird! Giant holes appearing from nowhere!


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