Glee Cast Tweet About Cory Montieth’s Death Anniversary


The cast of Glee shared their thoughts and memories about Cory Monteith on Twitter yesterday for the anniversary of his death. Some of the thoughts came from the likes of Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison, who wanted to show that he may be gone but will never be forgotten.

Monteith passed away on July 13, 2013 while in Vancouver. The autopsy showed that he died of a heroin and alcohol overdose, and was found in his hotel room.

The Glee cast were not the only ones to share their thoughts and feelings. His estranged father who never attended the funeral spoke out just before the anniversary of the late actor’s death. He regrets the fact that he was not able to say his goodbyes since he was never sent funeral details, and continues to miss the 31-year-old. Joe Monteith explained that he was very surprised to hear the outcome at the autopsy and of the death, because he knew how much his son loved life.

The actor’s girlfriend at the time of his death, Michele, has recently been criticized by fans for moving on with her life. She is in another relationship, which some believe is too soon. However, Mr. Monteith never expected the young girl to go through life alone. She is just 26, and she deserves to find happiness again. Michele has spoken in the past that she is going to live her life, because that is something her late boyfriend would want her to do.

The death of the man who played Finn Hudson was a shock to many. That made it even more heartbreaking for them. This weekend marked the first anniversary of Montheith’s death and the Glee cast and crew tweeted about their thoughts and feelings.

Some, like Michele, left sweet and longer messages compared to the others. Ryan Murphy, creator of the show, simply shared a photo from the commemoration episode, The Quarterback, and just had the caption “miss you.” While it was short, it said everything he needed to and there was much more to it by sharing the caption from the episode. The commemoration episode included a number of the original Glee cast members as their characters share memories of Monteith’s character. In the show, Murphy decided the right thing to do would be to kill off the character but has never gone into details how it happened.

Fellow cast member Jenna Ushkowitz also kept it simple with a small caption to an old photo. The photo was a group shot that included the late actor.

Monteith’s death surprised many mainly due to the reason. He had just been through voluntary rehab for his drug and alcohol problem, and many hoped that it would be successful.

His career may have been short, but it was successful. It helped that he made everyone smile, which is something people could not help commenting on in their tributes. While many still remember him, they are moving on with their lives. However, the anniversary of Monteith’s death was a chance for everyone to stop and remember him fully and the Glee cast did that by tweeting about their memories and feelings.

By Alexandria Ingham


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