Katherine Heigl Does Not See Herself as Difficult

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Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl does not see herself as difficult, according to a recent interview. The star was asked about a report that was released in September when a source from one of her movies came forward. The source was never named, and it seems that the actress’ mother, who is also her manager, makes it difficult for those on set.

According to the 2013 report, Nancy Heigl will use foul language and make anybody feel like they are in the wrong and incapable of doing their jobs. Some of the problems have included the craft work and the wardrobe her daughter would have to wear during filming.

The claims came from someone working on the Life as We Know It set, but Denise Di Novi, the producer for the movie, explained that the claims were “exaggerated.” The one point that Di Novi did point out was that the mother and daughter team will say “what they think.” This is arguably not being difficult but trying to get the best out of a situation. They are also honest and upfront, which is a quality some people even commend.

However, another person from the 27 Dresses set came forward to explain the type of demands that Heigl and her mother had. There was a “sense of entitlement” that apparently even the biggest stars do not have.

Despite the claims, the 35-year-old actress has never been questioned formally about them. That all changed this weekend after it was clear she was stepping back into the lime-light. When questioned. Heigl made it clear that she does not see herself as difficult and never intends to be that way. She even apologized if that was ever the case.

The problem is those who are difficult do not recognize that they cause problems. Some of that is often intentional, because they simply expect to be treated in a certain way. That is not to say that the Grey’s Anatomy star acts like that. Some people just have no idea they are being difficult until they look back on a situation.

There have been claims that the difficulty of working with the actress and her mother has made it impossible for the star to get work. Others believe that she took time out because of all the box office flops that she was a part of in a row. However, shortly before leaving Grey’s Anatomy she became a mom to two adopted daughters. She chose to take some time out of her work because she wanted to be with her family. It is something that many celebrity mothers choose to do, including the likes of Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow who are lucky to be in a position to only do movies that they really want to do, and can take smaller parts.

All the claims about the Knocked Up actress being difficult could have been exaggerated. The producer on Life as We Know It certainly viewed the claims that way after working closely with her and her mother. While Heigl does not see her as difficult to work with, maybe she will think carefully about her requests and actions to ensure others’ feelings are taken more into consideration.

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