J K Rowling: Brandishing Her Own Wand

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J K Rowling
J K Rowling, the author of the much-acclaimed Harry Potter books has struck again with a short story about the adult life of Mr. Potter and his friends. However, the question arises whether  J.K. Rowling will ever branch out and write some other fantastic story line or continue to brew her own dark arts in the wizard world with her wand at the ready.

According to many sources, Miss Rowling has been quite busy as of late. She has been writing the later tale of Mr. Potter as mentioned  but also taking on the pseudonym of the writer Robert Galbraith. She chose this as a way to reach out to an older audience and perhaps gather an adult following of her writing style. Under this name, she has had two top-selling books. The last was The Silkworm, a murder mystery following a one legged detective by the name of Cormoran Striker.

Prior to writing these stories, J.K Rowling wrote another adult-aimed book called The Casual Velocity.  This book received many mixed reviews from critics worldwide; hence the idea of taking the pen name. With writing this new series of books, people can once again gain hope that the author J. K. Rowling or Robert Galbraith will be able to create those images and fantastic worlds. The same worlds that she made with the world of Harry Potter, using her “wand” (pen).

J K Rowling will be returning to the world of Harry Potter for a little while in hopes of branching out further. She is working on her screenwriting debut, with her mini-spin off stories such as Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them and many more. While these will be airing in the coming September, it leaves many weeks for Rowling to really get some practice and energy into this new endeavor.

J. K Rowling is even working in the theater arts as she co-produces a show of Harry’s younger years living with the Dursleys. Though she will not be writing the script herself, she will be discussing the facts with a fellow writer to make sure they stay as true to her work as she wants them to be.

After reading  the short story that she wrote, many fans are hoping this is a lead in to a new book in the making. It has been said that J. K. Rowling has no plans for writing a story over the older Harry Potter’s life. The saga of Harry Potter may have met its end, even though many still love his world to this day.

J K Rowling has been brandishing her wand in new places and will continue to make a name for herself in everyone’s hearts. It may not be the same name that everyone expects or with the characters that people know her best for. Proof of Mrs. J. K. Rowling’s mark on the world is through her books, her charitable endeavors and the many lives she has touched through these works.

By Nathan Sullivan

J K Rowling