Julian Camarena Takes His Fans to the Next Level

Julian Camarena

Julian Camarena, an aspiring young musician has taken connecting to his fans to the next level by going live on YouNow, a livestream video site. The multi-talented artist has a new single out called Surrender and it is currently available on iTunes, along with his other amazing songs. If twitter is any indication of what the fans think, they think he is wonderful. With close to a million followers, he is the one to watch. He can sing, write songs, and creates his own video production, as well as having the talent to play multiple musical instruments. Camarena is amassing quite a fan base, and it seems to be growing everyday.

Julian CamarenaConnecting with fans will set a musician apart from the crowd, and it is the “old school” approach of dedicating oneself to the pure love of what that musician can give to others, music. This young man has been interviewed by The Guardian Liberty Voice, (see below) and it is with great pride that the media can watch as he grows and continues to consistently show the positive traits of his character including how genuine he is.

It is hard to find a person as young as Camarena, who has such strong values and morals and truly loves what he does. With so many followers, many a musician does not take the time to interact, many believe that social media is solely to get their material out there, and they take their cues from those that have already made their mark in the industry. Not so, for Camarena, he not only interacts with his followers on social media, he has even found a way to interact live.

This young man first came to the media’s attention through a fan that reached out to a reporter. After researching him, the reporter determined that this musician was indeed news worthy, and thus the first article about him was written, “Julian Camarena the Next Big Thing in Music” (see below). He did not disappoint, and it is the opinion of many that he is indeed going to be the next big thing in the music industry. The song writer even gave the fans a bit of an exclusive, by stating that he is working on his first album, and everyone on YouNow will surely be waiting for its release.

Julian Camarena has taken his fans to a new level on YouNowwhere the chat box has been blowing up and moving so fast, he can barely keep up. He is open and willing to answer questions, although many fans just want to profess their love, while others beg for him to follow them. Many of the questions have to do with where he has traveled, what movies he has watched, what food he likes, and it is obvious that his fans adore him. Many have asked him if he will be touring, and the requests come from as far as Ireland, as well as from all over the United States. Despite that it was his first time going live, it seems he is a natural when interacting with his fans and even took requests for what to sing. One fan suggested Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and he did an amazing job at impromptu singing, taking a child’s song and making it relevant. He then went on to sing a snippet of the mega popular song Rude. Camarena took the time to take his followers with him on his first live gig, and his willingness to take his fan interactions to the next level is just one indication that he is definitely the one to watch.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

Guardian LV Exclusive interview with Julian Camarena
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