Kanye West Booed at London Wireless Music Festival


Kanye West wore his infamous bejeweled mask, and a tie dye suit in his latest London performance. However, none of the physical distractions were able to hide him from an impatient crowd. Kanye West was booed repeatedly at the London Wireless Music Festival Saturday evening. The 37-year-old rapper and producer became the headline performer for the concert series when an ill Drake was unable to attend.

As a replacement, West was initially well received by fans. The 21-time Grammy Award winner was reportedly 15 minutes late to begin with. Fans were antsy from the start to hear him perform but things appeared to take a turn for the worst when West decided to go on what sources described as a “20 minute rant.” The outspoken Hip hop artist cut the music and went into a full-on monologue where he complained about the media and their perception of him. Disappointed fans who were attentively listening to West’s performance were eventually turned off by the abrupt stoppage in the middle of his hit song Clique.

The controversial rap mogul and producer described himself as “arrogant and shy.” He also alluded to his belief that media portrays him as ignorant and of low intellect. West, who is often vocal about his high fashion dealings,  also referenced Nike, Gucci and Luis Vuitton. At one time or another the Chicago native endorsed and or worked in conjunction with all of the popular brands. However, he has recently stopped being affiliated with the labels due to a number of individual conflicts.

A boisterous crowd quickly overwhelmed West towards the end of his speech. Fans began to boo and chant “We want Drake.” The speech was the second consecutive night that the Good Music CEO drew criticism and was booed for making an extended speaking detour during his performances at the Wireless Music Festival in London. On Friday evening West interrupted his song Rhapsody to go on what sources perceived as a 15 minute tirade. Much to the dismay of fans, the night after being booed West remained undaunted in his task to inform fans of the personal injustices he has endured as a high-profile black rapper and celebrity.

Many critics and fans took to social media during and after the concert to express their concerns. Most people were upset at the timing of the remarks and the embarrassment of the poetic rapper being booed. Various videos of the rant were posted over popular social networks including Twitter, Instagram, Vine and YouTube. Ultimately when West returned back to performing, the heckling ceased and cheering commenced from most attendants.

The star-studded affair also featured performances from Pharell Williams, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora. A downhearted Drake reached out to fans in a statement. “To my beloved fans, it truly breaks my heart that I won’t be able to perform as planned at Wireless,” said the hip hopper. The yearly festivities were held in Birmingham, London. West was not only booed this weekend at the London Wireless Music Festival but the entertainer was also infamously booed off stage during the Banaroo Music Festival in Tennessee less than a month ago. West is slated to take the stage for another set in London again tomorrow.

By Brandon Wright

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