Kanye West Steps in for Drake but Acts Crazy

Kanye West

Kanye West stepped in for Drake at a concert in the UK, but started to act a little crazy. Most will not be that shocked by his “out-there” mutterings after his speech towards Taylor Swift at the VMA awards. However, this one was a little too controversial and led to some booing during the night.

At first, his speeches seemed to make the crowd happy. He gave his fans updates about his daughter, North, and even called out various companies for their discrimination. Some of the companies included the likes of Nike and Louis Vuitton. It all went downhill after he attacked the paparazzi.

Like many celebrities, he decided to jump on the rape train. It seemed fine at first, when he made it clear that non-consensual sex was rape. West pointed out that it was a violation, and that it is wrong. Unfortunately, he took the view that other celebrities and some judges have taken, and that is that rape is sometimes the victims fault. He basically told the crowd that wearing short skirts is going to lead to rape.

Us Weekly previously reported that there was some booing, but not too much. However, people who were there say the opposite. Some fans were disgusted at his view, and decided to leave because of it. Some left because they were bored of his decision to make a speech. Giving short updates about North in the middle of performances is fine, but the public do not attend concerts to hear political and controversial views. They want to listen to the music.

As well as his crazy act, West had made the decision to step in for Drake. The hip-hop artist was only supposed to do two nights, but Drake could not make his own concert due to illness. Instead of disappointing everyone, the 37-year-old decided to give a little—of course, he was being paid for his “charitable” actions to avoid the venue giving out refunds.

West did pay tribute to the man who could not make it by playing three of Drake’s songs. The audience enjoyed it and even sang along. Drake was happy that the hip-hop artist had stood in the way he did, and even played some of his songs to appease the crowd. While thanking the singer and showing his appreciation, Drake also apologized to his fans saying that he really wanted to be there and will be back as soon as possible.

Drake avoided saying anything about the mini-rant that West decided to do while on stage. It is probably for the best; otherwise he may never stand in for him again. It could also be due to the young singer having similar views and would like to keep those views to himself to avoid any personal attacks.

Overall, the three performances were entertaining, but the 37-year-old father of one ruined it with some of his personal rants and it led to some people leaving. He did admit during one that he was arrogant, and that could be the reason for these rants as he gets his own views across. However, most fans were happy that West decided to stand in for Drake, despite acting crazy for part of it.

By Alexandria Ingham



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