5-Year-Old Killed Defending Mom From Abusive Husband [Video]

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Little Girl Died Trying to Defend Mom From Her Abusive HusbandA little girl is dead after she tried to intervene as her stepfather was attacking her mother in their Tullamore Commons apartment. The five-year-old child saw her mother in distress and jumped to her rescue. On Tuesday, Angel Albertico Morales-Larranaga allegedly strangled his wife, Facunda Velenzuelaleon, and her daughter, Dayana M. Valencia in their Post Falls apartment.

At the time Angel was arrested he had self-inflicted cuts on his wrists; the 24-year-old said he cut himself because “it would be best if he removed himself from this world.” It is believed Angel was distraught over his wife’s infidelity. A friend of the family told authorities that Facunda, also known as Rhianna, confessed to Angel that she had recently cheated on him during a trip to California.Little Girl Died Trying to Defend Mom From Her Abusive Husband

The killer confessed the murders to his friend on Tuesday morning. He said he strangled his wife and when questioned about the little girl, Angel said he had to kill her too because she got up and started hitting him when he was attacking her mother. When Angel left his friend’s home, the friend immediately called police.

Before killing his wife and stepdaughter, Angel first took his own two young daughters, ages one and three, to the house of a family friend. He called the family friend around 2 a.m. saying he needed to talk. Angel left his biological children with the friend before he returned to his apartment located at 4172 E. Laurelbrook Drive and murdered his family.

After the friend called authorities to report the murders police found Angel in his SUV at Poleline Avenue and Spokane Street and immediately arrested him. Detectives went to Angel and his wife’s apartment and found a gruesome scene.

Little Girl Died Trying to Defend Mom From Her Abusive HusbandFacunda was found dead on the bed and with massive swelling and severe bruising around the face and head. Both of her wrists had been deeply sliced with some sort of cutting instrument and she showed signs of relentless manual strangulation.

The little girl’s body was located in another bedroom with cuts on her chin, throat and neck along with an electrical cord wrapped tightly around her neck. According to the detective, a knife with blood and hair on it was also found in the room.

On Tuesday when Angel was booked into the Kootenai County Jail he asked authorities if he would be able to earn his GED, since he would be in jail for a long time. Angel is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and is being held on $2 million bail.

On Wednesday afternoon Angel made his first court appearance with a court-appointed attorney and spoke through a Spanish interpreter. He said he understood the charges along with the potential sentence of life in prison or the death penalty. Barry McHugh, Kootenai County Prosecutor, recommended $2 million bail and Judge Barry Watson agreed. McHugh said,

The killings were ‘personal and sensitive’ because of the relationships and the manner of death. We believe the aggravating nature of the crimes justifies the bail.

A little girl is dead after she attempted to help her mother who was being attacked by her own husband. Angel Albertico Morales-Larranaga was strangling his wife, Facunda Velenzuelaleon, when the five-year-old child jumped to her defense. Angel said he had to kill the little girl because she tried to intervene.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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