‘Lords of The Fallen’ Best Upcoming Action RPG [Video]

Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen could be the best upcoming action RPG for the next generation of console games. It is made by CI Games, formerly City Interactive, and is developed by Deck 13 Interactive. In the game the user controls a hulking brute of a man, scored with tattoos all over his face to indicate previous sins he has committed. Luckily for him, his penchant for destruction has come in handy, since an ancient evil has awoken, trying to destroy mankind and reestablish itself as the true and rightful God.

Harkyn is the banished criminal that the user plays with, and he will face a number of moral decisions throughout the game. There will be the choice to stay on the sinful villainous path that Harkyn previously was on, go completely rogue, become the hero of humanity, or of course, choose a blurred path somewhere between them all. The decisions will affect the progression of the storyline, with there being multiple endings to the game, and even several variations within those endings. Thus Lords of The Fallen becomes a deeply personal experience that can be replayed with different choices for added gameplay enhancement. 

The combat is fast paced, mixing both magical and melee attacks to combine in a tactical, yet flexible form. This gives the user the ability to sit back and observe their opponents in order to see what they do, and exploit their weaknesses, while avoiding their strengths. The gameplay itself is a mix between Zelda, Dark Souls and Borderlands according to a few accounts. There is more of an emphasis on rapid, arcade style combat, which encourages the use of quick slashes and lengthy combinations to devastate an enemy.

Lords of the Fallen is not exactly an open world sandbox type game, but there will be rewards for users who want to explore the levels more fully. The executive producer of CI Games has stressed that though it is not a completely open world, it is most definitely not just a linear game. A gameplay tie in from the Dark Souls franchise is that when the user dies, their experience points are left behind for them go capture again. But unlike Dark Souls, in Lords of The Fallen the experience points slowly drain away, rewarding the player for battling back to his last point of death faster. Enemies that have been previously slaughtered though are sometimes not completely eliminated, and can end up killing a player who is rushing back to regain their experience, thus loosing them everything. This subtle addition to the game forces the user to be both vigilant and thorough in their dungeon crawls.

Another aspect of why Lords of The Fallen could be the best upcoming action RPG is its beautiful graphics. The game has been consistently eye-catching in all of the demos and trailers released so far. It has been in the works since September of 2011, giving CI games almost a full three years to make everything perfect. A further reason the game looks so nice is because it runs on the brand new technology of the fledge engine, which is specifically designed for the game, thus taking advantage of the next generation of consoles full graphics potential. Many believe the game will be running at 1080p and around sixty frames per second.

As with many action role-playing games, Lords of The Fallen is set to have the ability to upgrade and customize hundreds of weapons and armor for the user’s character. There is to be no set restrictions on armor and classes, therefore letting the player find the perfect blend of gear for their favorite playing style. Most of the loot is found in chests, but there are some occasions when an enemy drops an item that can tactically change an upcoming boss battle. There will be three separate classes, a warrior, rogue and cleric, giving players the ability to use melee strength, stealth and quickness, and magical powers. The best upcoming action RPG, Lords of The Fallen is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2014 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

By B. Taylor Rash

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  1. Karanyf   July 8, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    I hope this game will be release as soon as possible. Lords of the Fallen promising to be one of the best RPG game in this year. I don’t care how much this game will be smilar to another game I just want to play on it.

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