Marvel and Disney Team Up for Big Hero 6 [Video]

Big Hero 6

Disney is readying audiences for the comedic debut of their animated feature of Marvel’s Big Hero 6. Loosely based off the short-lived comic series of the same name, this latest feature is sure to bring in laughs, plenty of action, and great animation. After some teasers and rumors, the creative team finally unveiled a full-length deus ex machina trailer to further spark interest. From the same forces behind the Oscar-nominated flicks Wreck It Ralph and Frozen, this new tail is something a little different that both comic fans can enjoy and new fans can find intriguing.

Big Hero 6

Taking place in a futuristic world, Disney and Marvel’s collaboration Big Hero 6 movie still draws a lot of inspiration from the source material. Created in 2008, the original comic series focuses on the lives of six super-powered teenagers in Japan. Members Honey Lemon (wielding a purse that opens to various dimensions), ex-con GoGo Tomago (equipped with a body suit that allows her to transform kinetic energy into strength and force blasts), genius Hiro Takachiho and his robot Baymax, Fred (channels a dragon spirit), and chef Wasabi-no-Ginger (creates psionic blades that stun opponents) are backed by a secret company of politicians and wealthy businessman to help protect Japan. The limited series would eventually go on for four issues, but featured cameos from Spider-Man, Sunfire, Silver Samurai, and other mainstream heroes and villains in the Marvel universe.

Unlike the comic series, Marvel and Disney’s team-up alters the plot for a more comedy-oriented, kid-friendly version. In the movie, young protagonist Hiro Hamada is a robotics genius who unearths a dark secret in the futuristic world of San Fransokyo. Discovering that a villain with a high-tech telepathic link to nano-bots is on the rise, Hamada decides to take the law into his own hands to save the day. Hiro makes an attempt to reach out to the proper authorities but is met with difficulty when his story of a high-tech villain in a mask is implausible for most to believe. Accompanied by his comic relief balloon, self-created robot Baymax and group of friends, Hamada puts his skills to the test to create a gang of crime fighters.

Still featuring the similar six heroes from the original comic series, the movie finds Hamada being the main incentive for the six to ban together and stop this imminent threat. From the looks of the trailer, it seems that his robot best friend will be upgraded with some new technology to combat the main villain. Hamada is also joined by a similar group of young teenagers that will be outfitted with improved technology and gadgets to form the vigilante heroic group Big Hero 6.

Although Disney owns Marvel Studios, Big Hero 6 will be the first collaboration between the two franchises. In a post-Frozen world, this new flick will be a nice departure from the princess and truelove genre to a more action-packed, sci-fi niche. The combination of good animation, funny dialogue, robots, and science should make any robot fan boy/girl excited to see what is to come when it hits theaters this November 7th.

Opinion By Tyler Cole

The Independent

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