North Carolina Father Shares Powerful Message About Hot Cars [VIDEO]

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A North Carolina father has shared a very powerful message about leaving children in hot cars. It comes after recurring news reports of parents who have “forgotten” about their babies, who have ended up dying from heat stroke, over the last two months.

Terry Williams decided to see how it felt for babies trapped in the back of the car on a hot summer’s day. He shut himself in the back seat, while the temperature outside was between 86F and 90F. The windows were rolled up, and he decided to film a message after realizing just how difficult and scary it must be for smaller children and babies.

As soon as the video started, the father from North Carolina was covered in sweat and spoke about how he was struggling to breathe. While his system was able to deal with that, those younger do not have the systems and they suffer from heat stroke.

While sharing the video he also condemned the parents who leave their children in cars. While some forget, there have been reports of parents allegedly leaving children in cars as punishment. Williams wanted to get the message out about how damaging that is. He even went as far to say that he would never leave his children in the car with the A/C running and engine on. The children would always go anywhere with him.

The decision for the North Carolina father to share the powerful message about hot cars and children has come after various reports of children dying in the back of cars. One of the most heartbreaking is from Atlanta, where the father of a 22-month-old toddler has been arrested for murder.

It is something that happens every year because parents fail to realize just how hot it gets. So far, there have already been 20 incidents involving 26 different children, and that number is set to rise as parents continue to leave their children in the car. In some cases children have allegedly climbed into the car while parents have been asleep or have reportedly snuck in without their parents knowing.

Due to the harrowing news reports, campaigners are now asking the White House to do something about this. Cars alert drivers when they need to buckle up and when they have left their lights on. However, there is still no system to remind them that their children are in the back. The campaigners would like funds to be allocated for research specifically to keep children safe. It is about time they were put first.

It is especially important as children being left with criminal intent are rare. More children are left due to forgetfulness more than anything else. According to Kids and Cars, over the last 20 years, there have been 670 deaths due to heatstroke highlighting the danger of not having a system.

However, Williams seems to believe that parents know their children are in the backseat, and intentionally leave their children. The North Carolina father shared the powerful message about leaving children in hot cars, and it will certainly strike a chord with many.

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    Please sign & share petition to stop child hot car deaths:
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