Robin Thicke Answers Twitter Hate Mail

Robin Thicke

With all the controversy surrounding Robin Thicke this year, one would think he would keep a low profile, but instead he tweeted out a picture of himself holding a paper that simply stated #AskThicke. The hail storm of comments and questions ran from the mundane to the outright spewing of hatred, for the one time superstar. This certainly backfired, and certainly could not have been what he expected. However, the tweets are hitting cyber space at warp speed, ranging from his Blurred Lines video, with questions like “Besides rapey thoughts and general misogyny, what inspires you?”, to ” on a scale of 1 to 10 years, how far do you think you’ve set white men back? “. They only get worse from there, with his oh so public grovelling trying to get his wife back, the personal questions  start out with “Are you aware that without musical accompaniment and the privilege of fame, your songs might be considered harassment?”

Robin ThickeSo since Thicke brought this on himself, will he really answer these questions? Or any questions for that matter? Will he tiptoe around the whole thing and only answer those questions that are less offensive? Well the singer is indeed answering questions, and not just the ‘nice’ questions. Thicke states that he is a big boy and can handle it, so here are some of his answers. One question was why he named his new album “Paula”? Answer: “Beatrice didn’t have the same ring to it”.  The next question asks if he still talks to Paula, his reply “Yes because our child comes first”. Ok, admittedly those were quite tame, the next question asks why he did not write a whole album about her when he was with her, his answer, “She’s always been my muse only this time from a distance”. Now for a little tougher question from the fans who want to know if he loves Paula so much why does he not give her the time and space she wants to heal? His answer? “if you listened to the album you wouldn’t ask that question”.

Although Thicke is answering the questions he is not addressing the venomous hatred that he has sparked with his subjective video for his hit Blurred Lines, his cheating and womanizing ways, or talking about his stalker like behavior with the woman he supposedly loves. He asked for it, and unfortunately it seems he cannot handle it. What few responses he has given have been to the lesser of the evils posted on the #AskThicke feed, or he is blatantly sarcastic, such as the response to the question asked about how he feels about all the controversy about Blurred Lines and his new album Paula. His response to this was simply, “What controversy? HAHA”, not exactly forthcoming in his replies. It is possible that as he wallowed in his grief and questioned his morals and bad behavior, he was just unaware of the public’s opinion of him. Robin Thicke is certainly aware now, one look at Twitter under his self-named hashtag #AskThicke, tells a story of a fallen star.

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2 Responses to "Robin Thicke Answers Twitter Hate Mail"

  1. bono   July 2, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    You people are very stupid. It amazes me when the public tends to chastise stars about their private life as if they really know them. “Sweep around your own back door”. I’m sure you have loads of mess to clean up. Quit acting like you know them dummies!!

  2. lauren   July 2, 2014 at 11:04 am

    I don’t blame any man for trying to get his wife back, but I don’t feel like the song ” Get her back” Has any depth or feeling…It sounds like something that took all of an hour to write and it feels dirty. Like he is using the song to flirt with other woman…He makes my skin crawl now. I read that he says he and Paula” didn’t split over cheating”. Ha! he’s clueless!! When Paula was on the red carpet and asked about his cheating,I felt so bad for her…she was caught completely off guard. It must have been so humiliating! I hope he either really faces the pain he caused her and truly makes amends, Maybe he should walking away from the spotlight for the sake of his family since he can’t control himself. whatever he chooses, he needs to stop using his split for sympathy and publicity.

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