Robin Thicke: This Really Is Not Working

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Just as the public was made well aware of his troubles, singer Robin Thicke has upped the ante in making sure they know of his attempts at reconciliation with his estranged wife, actress Paula Patton. The Blurred Lines musician has pushed forth an apologetic stance through live performances, acceptance speeches at award shows, and even releasing an album titled after Patton, which was released on Monday. It is admirable that he is pushing so hard to get her back. The man quite obviously loves her. However, his efforts are not going well with the public that he is desperately attempting to have on his side. Their response is almost deafening, “Robin, this really is not working.”

The latest installment in this controversy that Thicke has created comes from an online Q&A for music network VH1 via Twitter. The opportunity should have been a great way for him to promote his album, but considering the personal nature is such an open topic, people responded in some extremely harsh and sometimes funny ways.

It is easy to see people are well over the pity party that Robin Thicke has put on for himself. Months before their separation, stories were released every week regarding Patton’s frame of mind. Pictures showed the 37-year-old singer with women who definitely were not his wife. Even his music changed. The soulful crooner who once claimed he was “lost without” his love suddenly took a different stance and shared that he had a “big d***” for any woman who was attracted to him. The public may not be able to say what exactly transpired between him and Patton.  They are not privy to what actually happened within their home. However, from the outset, many saw this split coming long ago.

Knowing what is out there, it actually makes his attempt at regaining the trust and affection of Patton seem extremely disingenuous. Not only is he somewhat forcing her to give him another chance because he is putting on such a huge show, but it almost spins the tale as if he is the wronged party in the scenario.

Thicke is attempting to come off as sensitive and heartbroken, a man who is wearing his heart on his sleeve and begging for forgiveness. Sure, he may have cheated and treated his partner of nearly two decades wrong, but he is so very sorry! He named his album after her!

Patton has been taking the high road by remaining silent through this very “look at me” show, one that has transpired for almost four months. The two separated in February in 2014. Instead of a sympathetic nod, people are jumping to the side of his long-suffering wife, who seems to be embarrassed on almost a daily basis. The over-dramatic performances, the begging, the album — it is all a bit too much. Stranger still, none of it seems as if it is coming from a well-meaning place.

Unfortunately, the one thing Robin Thicke does not seem to have is a pause button. This ridiculous play of “getting her back” is not only tiring to witness, but it is nearly as crass as many took his single Blurred Lines to be. It is a huge show of being apologetic without having a true meaning behind the actions. At this point, there would be no real surprise if the only statement that the public sees Paula Patton make would be filing of divorce papers. Robin Thicke tried to get the public on his side and it really did not work. He should try something else.

Opinion By Jonathan Brown

Washington Post

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  1. saundra j leonard   July 5, 2014 at 5:14 pm

    20yrs we not had a r&b sing with so much soul in the black community. We sing about live get back with your mate making love listing to whispers are mr.thicke having flower and candles to days people done have that.just keep on songing love it


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