Sarah Palin Wants Obama Impeached

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is in the news again, this time because she wants nothing less than to see U.S. President Barack Obama impeached. Unfortunately, she is not in the news for something truly useful, like proposing a realistic plan for getting the country out of debt, or out of war, or for having solved any one of Earth’s environmental, food or health crises. No, Sarah Palin’s non-trivial push for presidential impeachment comes from her absurd notion that Barack Obama knowingly let illegal immigrants into the United States.

In a column published on a politically conservative website, Breitbart, the former governor of Alaska said Obama has racked up so many impeachable offenses that if  “he’s not impeachable, then no one is.” The latest immigration issues were the tipping point on impeachment for her, a situation she says Obama not only created by his actions, but did so deliberately. 

This is not the first time Sarah Palin has expressed her desire to see President 44 impeached, but this does represent her most forceful elocution. In a lame attempt to commit her own verbal impeachment, Palin disclosed her fear that the latest undocumented immigrants will end up working jobs that should be filled by legal Americans or migrants. Sounding very much the Democrat, Palin blubbered implausibly that “[n]obody is looking out for working class Americans, including good, hardworking, wonderful legal immigrants.” 

Palin declared her pride in having been – surprise! – a Republican from an early age. The issues she expounds, however, tilt in the direction of the very conservative Tea Party and she pledged that if her G.O.P. “keeps straying toward that liberal failed agenda” she promised to officially release her fealty and then presumably experience a surely-newsworthy rebirth under a new, likely Tea Party-esque political guise.

After disrespectfully referring to Obama in writing as our “leader” – with quotation marks – she accused the president of letting illegal immigrants into the country by design, thus acting in some non-specified manner of  “lawlessness.” She also hazily charged that he has obstructed the economic recovery “by creating more dependents than he allows producers.”  Writing for MSNBC, Benjy Sarlyn correctly characterized Palin’s rant of ambiguous offenses as “vague and incoherent.”

Palin’s big tadoo on immigration starts with her reference to a blog post on Breitbart which repeats the view of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.  The agent recited criticism that some of his colleagues have been reassigned to work on processing the recent swell of immigrants from Central America, thus leaving the border apparently under-militarized and insecure. Palin’s inference is contemptuous, that Obama willfully diverted these agents in order to give a sort of “coast is clear” signal to his smuggler friends to “come on in, the border is open.” From Palin’s sneering perspective, this would then help achieve Obama’s unfathomably twisted desire of filling the country’s interior with more undocumented immigrants. 

If such allegations against the president are true, then Obama is a highly cynical man. Perhaps, however, Palin is the cynic here, inserting herself into the news cycle (and this article) so as to – just possibly – publicize her newly-refreshed TV show, Amazing America with Sarah Palin. She may also have been  jockeying  for a rumored, highly visible job on another show, The View.

Palin hopes to add Obama to the list of two U.S. presidents who have already been impeached. Andrew Johnson, who opposed the 14th Amendment granting citizenship to African-Americans, was impeached for violating a new law that restricted him from firing his own Cabinet officers. He was acquitted in the Senate after the House voted for his impeachment. Bill Clinton, who was impeached for perjury before a grand jury and obstruction of justice as related to a lawsuit against him, was also impeached by the House and later acquitted by the Senate, allowing him to serve the remainder his second four-year term.

Even from those most closely aligned with her politics, Sarah Palin is not getting much support in this endeavor. Hard-right congressman John Fleming said he cannot imagine such a process would actually culminate in Obama’s removal from office so the prospect of going through the motions would be meaningless. Other Republicans are concerned that such an effort would backfire against their party in the November congressional elections.

Sarah Palin wants Obama impeached. The general accusations she makes about a mismanaged border just maybe – perhaps – merit study. However, her belief that he intentionally allowed illegal immigrants into the United States is ridiculous and destructive. If even a small, but formal, movement toward impeachment occurred, its very incidence would further cheapen the entire system and push informed voters farther down the long and sad path of disengaged cynicism.

Opinion by Gregory Baskin

The Washington Post
The Hill

3 Responses to "Sarah Palin Wants Obama Impeached"

  1. Gregory Baskin   July 12, 2014 at 9:31 pm

    Thank you, for the kind words, Tabitha. Unfortunately, an untold number of messages throughout our lives conspire to inform us that our systems thrive or perish based on personalities. I personally don’t know how a re-design would look, but it seems to me that the juggernaut of the system is simply too massive for one person to sweep in and save us. Perhaps we now require alien intervention.

  2. Czerny   July 12, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Surprise! the wicked witch of the north wants to impeach the current president for doing exactly the same things they previous president did…

  3. Tabitha Farrar   July 10, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Great article. Yes to what you said about cheapening the system…If only politicians could act like grown ups once in a while.

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