Selena Gomez Gets Naughty in New Movie ‘Behaving Badly’ [Video]


Selena Gomez is in a new movie called Behaving Badly, where the young actress gets naughty in some steamy daydreams of the lead character, played by Nat Wolff. The movie seems to hark back to the great teen sex comedies of the 1980’s and 90’s such as Porky’s (1982), Screwballs (1983), Ski School (1990), American Pie (1999), and even Superbad (2007). Nat Wolff plays Rick Stevens, and is in love with Selena Gomez’s character Nina Pennington, but unfortunately she knows him as the slow kid in Latin class. There is also the slight problem of an overbearing ex-boyfriend Kevin Carpenter, played by Austin Stowell. In the end, the three of them, and Wolff’s on screen sister, Kristen Stevens, played by Ashley Rickards, team up for a rock and roll adventure of a lifetime.

Behaving Badly is a typical over the top, coming of age, high school film filled with excessive binge drinking, copious amounts of drugs and frequent on screen nudity. The film is rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America. Gomez plays an innocent high school student, Nina Pennington, who is just looking for a regular boyfriend, but finds her life turned inside out when she gives Rick Stevens a chance. Stevens is an interesting young boy who gets mixed up in the Mafia, strippers, his best friend’s hot mom, the police, and narcoleptic nuns.

The film is based off of a novel written by Ric Browde in 2000 entitled, While I’m Dead Feed the Dog. Most the filming for the movie took place in Los Angeles at Jon Burroughs Middle School back in August of 2012. According to IMDB, when Rick is meandering through a jail, Justin Bieber makes a cameo performance as an inmate. Bieber and Gomez, who are often on-again, off again in their relationship, were together during the filming of the movie.

There are an amazing number of B-level actors and actresses in the movie, besides the naughty headliner Gomez. Those include Mary-Louise Parker, best known for her role in the Showtime drama, Weeds. Parker is cast as Saint Lola, who tells Rick that he should stop being such a screw up in the trailer. Elisabath Shue, best known for Leaving Las Vegas (1995) plays a cougar next-door who wants to be Rick’s teacher in all things sex. Heather Graham plays Rick’s lawyer, Jason Lee from My Name Is Earl, plays a priest, and Gary Busey is a cop. There are also roles for Cary Elwes, best known for The Princess Bride (1987), Mindy Robinson who is best known for Casting Couch (2013), Dylan McDermot, best known as Bobby Donnell on The Practice and Patrick Warburton, best known as David Puddy, Elaine’s boyfriend in Seinfeld.

The film, which has received poor ratings from critics, but favorable reviews from fans, is already available for purchase on iTunes at a price of $12.99 for the high definition version, or to rent for $9.99. The standard definition price is also $9.99, and the rental fee for that is the same. Vertical Entertainment also has plans to release Behaving Badly theatrically on the big screen at select theaters across America for all viewers to enjoy the naughty scenes of  Gomez on Aug. 1.

By B. Taylor Rash

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