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Selena Gomez vs Demi Lovato Another one Bites the Dust


Selena Gomez vs Demi Lovato Another one Bites the Dust

Like an addict who cannot keep away from drugs, Selena Gomez is just incapable of turning away from the mess that is Justin Bieber and now it’s Gomez vs Demi Lovato as another one bites the dust. Another one as in one more gal pal of the 21 year-old performer has fallen by the wayside as Selena refuses to leave the bad boy of bubble gum pop alone.

While Gomez seemed to come to her senses at one point and even got back together with her BFF Taylor Swift, it did not last. It seems that even the Coachella Music and Arts Festival hijinks by the Jenner sisters, who flirted with Biebs so much that an angry Gomez cleared out her Instagram follow list, cannot keep Selena away from Justin.

Now it seems that the Canadian pop star wants a relationship with Selena and even though the type he wants is an open one, she is apparently more than happy to settle for this option. Combined with the recent rumors that Bieber may just be the “baby father” to Gomez’s alleged baby bump, things do not look too good for anyone who is not up for a Gomez/Bieber union, even an open one.

Enter Demi Lovato who is another friend to bite dust. In the Selena Gomez vs everyone else who is not Justin Bieber war, Lovato is just one more casualty. Or is she? From the outside looking in, it appears that the 21 year-old former childhood friend of Selena has had enough of the whole debacle.

News that Lovato dropped her former best buddy from Twitter with a farewell tweet that finished with the word “b*tch,” shocked many and surprised few. Demi, who has been friends with Selena since their Barney and Friends days also stated in her annoyed tweet that she was fed up with all the “bullsh*t.” If that is the case then more power to her.

One thing that both Taylor Swift and Demi have forgotten is that whatever is going on between Gomez and Bieber is just between them. Whatever happened to irritate Lovato so much can be nothing to what Selena herself is going through right now. On top of the world’s press jumping on every single “blowup” between Gomez, Bieber and the peripheral friends of both, Selena’s pals are all wanting to give the confused young woman advice on what she should be doing.

It seems that her friends all support Selena’s parents and want the Behaving Badly star to instantly break it off with Justin and re-enter rehab. This well meaning advice would be good if that is what Gomez wants. Selena is in the middle of setting her own boundaries in the Bieber relationship and not doing too badly either.

On the Fourth of July it was reported that Gomez informed Justin that she would be doing her own thing apart from him and his entourage. Selena is setting the rules that she wants to play by and his request for an “open” relationship has not been approved by the young lady at this point.

In the Selena Gomez vs Demi Lovato Twitter unfollow incident, Ms. Lovato may be one more friend to bite the dust, another casualty in the Bieber romance which disturbs so many. At the end of the day, Gomez is still finding her footing in this relationship and can probably do it much faster without all her friends helping. Just a thought.

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