Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2014: Set Excitement Level to Stun

Star Trek Convention Las Vegas 2014: Set Excitement Level to Stun

Having just received the confirmation of a media pass for the 2014 Star Trek convention in Las Vegas a short while ago, it took a little time to sink in that this reporter would be attending this fantastic event, setting excitement levels to stun and rendering all coherent thought to fanboy ramblings. Considering that every single episode of every single Star Trek creation has been watched, enjoyed and discussed innumerable times as well as being old enough to remember the original series with great fondness perhaps stun is not the correct level to quote.

Denizens of Las Vegas and Star Trek fans, known as “Trekkers” and/or “Trekkies” depending on humor levels and who you talk to, have been able to enjoy this spectacular event before this year. In fact it looks as though “the strip” has been having Trek Cons since 2000. Looking at prior scenes and pictures from years past, this event has always been popular.

This will be the first Trekker, or Trekkie, convention this writer has ever attended and like the earlier Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con of 2014, will obviously be a learning experience. Articles about the Star Trek Convention will be from a “newbies” point of view, as well as those of one heck of a huge fan. Looking at the list of attendees causes the mind to stall out in terms of seeing all that talent at one venue.

This year, there are 105 guests lined up for the Star Trek Convention Las Vegas in 2014. The excitement level reserved for each guest is set from stun to kill (yes there is that setting, it equates to heart overload at seeing a favorite!). From William Shatner himself, the original Captain Kirk, to Karl Urban, the new Bones, to science fiction legend Harlan Ellison. There is something there for every Trekker or Trekkie.

The long guest list features some very impressive names from the Star Trek verse: Simon Pegg, aka Shaun from Shaun of the Dead, and now the new Scotty; Avery Brook from Deep Space Nine, Kate Mulgrew from Star Trek:Voyager, Scott Bakula from Enterprise and Quantum Leap amongst other shows, and a brilliant mix of Trek originals and new members of the verse.

From the 1966 – 1969 series, and the first films, the legend that is Nichelle Nichols will be there along with Walter Koenig, the original Pavel Chekov and a convention favorite and of course William Shatner. From the newer versions of the verse, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis (who did the voice of Matriarch Benezia in Mass Effect in case fans did not know) to name a few from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

There are even some legends from the silver screen who have graced the world of Star Trek with their presence who will be there. David Warner the award winning actor who has been in several productions of the Trek verse and whose career has spanned over 50 years on both sides of the big pond between the U.S. and the U.K. Another acting icon who will be appearing at the convention will be Peter Weller. He played Admiral Marcus in Star Trek: Into Darkness and is a regular in the science fiction genre beginning with Robocop in 1987.

The Star Trek 2014 Convention in Las Vegas will set the excitement levels of even the most jaded Trekker or Trekkie to overload. It looks set to stun every fan with the amount of guests and opportunities to interact with these illustrious members of an exclusive club. The con will run from Thursday July 31, to Sunday August 3rd at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The list of guests can be found at the link below to the Star Trek convention site. The Guardian Liberty Voice’s Michael Smith, aka this reporter, will be there to write about his first ever Trekker, or Trekkie, event.

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