The Simpsons Hints at Likely Character Death

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The character to die in the new season of The Simpsons season has been a question for a while, but the episode title for the event hints towards the likely death. Called A Clown in the Dumps, it seems to hint that Krusty the Clown will be the one to go.

Krusty was certainly one of the favorites when the announcement was made that a character would be killed off permanently. Not only is he a main character that is not very central to the show, he has a habit of drinking and smoking. There has also been the fact that Sideshow Bob wanted him dead, but Bart Simpson put a stop to it.

When giving clues to the character to die, executive producer Al Jean explained that the person who voiced the character had won an Emmy in the past. Dan Castellaneta voices Krusty the Clown, and has certainly won an Emmy for his talents.

The original hints did leave many to question whether Marge or Bart Simpson would be the ones to see the end in the episode of the latest season of The Simpsons. Both are voiced by people who have won Emmys and are major characters. The problem would be that the two characters would leave a lot of people deciding to turn the show off.

Marge keeps Homer grounded, while Bart is the mischievous one. Homer could have even been on death’s list, but that was very unlikely considering he is one of the characters everyone tunes in to see. Who else would get up to the crazy, idiotic stunts that he does.

The Simpsons has not hinted at the likely character death through the title of the first episode. Of course, A Clown in the Dumps could refer to something else happening in the episode, but it is unlikely that such a major event will be a side story. Now the question is how Krusty will kick the bucket if it really is him. Jean has previously hinted that it will be just as big as the Purple Wedding in Game of Thrones.

Grandpa Simpson was one of the first favorites to die in the season. He is old but he was arguably too obvious. Jean had previously stated that it was not going to be anybody obvious.

The writers have shared much more about this season, which airs on September 28. There will be a crossover with Family Guy, which is something that many fans of both shows have been wondering if it will ever happen. The two have very similar dynamics with the family of five, and a funny, sometimes idiotic, father figure.

There is still a lot that the show runner is unwilling to share right now. He wants the episode to be a surprise and wants people to tune in. After all, the viewing ratings has been one of the reasons to kill off one of the characters permanently. It seems as if the character to die will be Krusty the Clown based on the hints from The Simpsons.

By Alexandria Ingham


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