Thelma and Louise Selfie Recreated [Video]

Thelma and Louise

What may have been the first documented “selfie” in the hit film Thelma and Louise has now been recreated. The epic story is of  two everyday women, a housewife and a waitress, that go on a weekend adventure and ultimately shoot a rapist and then go on the run. The two women just may have had the honor of introducing the first self taken picture with non other than a Polaroid camera. The dynamic duo was played by Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon, two run of the mill ladies that needed a weekend away from their overbearing husband and non-committal boyfriend. After ending up at a bar where the would be rapist gets shot by Louise, the pair go on the run. The now famous shot was taken by the women to commemorate the beginning of their fun-filled weekend together, and became a shot of the fun-loving duo before their tragic end.

Susan Sarandon and Jimmy Kimmel recreated the now iconic moment where Thelma and Louise take the self-portrait. So wait, what about Geena Davis? No Davis in this photo and it is as enjoyable watching  as it had to have been making it.  Jimmy Kimmel Live gets far less press than the other late night Jimmy, however Kimmel’s comedic presence is nothing to sneeze at.  He has many accolades and being the creator and host of the self-named show is just the tip of the iceberg. Fans recognize him for the professional he is, along with being a voice actor, a producer, musician and former co-host of the hit Comedy Central show, The Man Show, he is now the successful host of his own version of late night TV.  His credits go on and on, and this recreation of the Thelma and Louise selfie is no exception.

Susan Sarandon is an award-winning actress that makes for an exceptional guest, as she just takes it all in stride. This time a little technology is introduced and an iPhone is used in lieu of a Polaroid to take the pic. However, in keeping with the original, the hair, make-up, scarf and beauty mark are all picture perfect. It is fun to see the two side by side, as shown in the video below.

Back on the road again in her new movie Tammy with Melissa McCarthy she seems to be the perfect introduction to talking about the infamous road trip in Thelma and Louise. From the Rocky Horror Picture Show to Dead Man Walking, Sarandon, no matter who she is playing, is the one the fans would want to go on a road trip with. Watching the light-hearted video, one can only wonder what Geena Davis might think of Kimmel’s depiction of Thelma next to Sarandons picture perfect recreation of Louise. Fans were definitely tickled by the gender bending picture, and surely the talented Davis would smile also, just a thousands of late night viewers did. Whether a fan of the old school movie, Thelma and Louise or not, with the onslaught of selfies on the web, this one has a place in history, and the recreation will certainly live on in the hearts of fans everywhere.

By: Kristi Cereska

The Wire
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