Olicity Fandom Takes on the World Couple Challenge


Fans of the CW’s Arrow have been rooting for a romance between the show’s lead, Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, and his sexy assistant and IT specialist Felicity Smoak, played by Emily Bett Rickards. The fandom known as Olicity stormed Twitter with requests to have their favorite TV pairing included in the World Couple Challenge, hosted by TV Guide Canada.

The World Couple Challenge involves several of TV’s hottest couples pitted against one another each day from June 23 to July 13. Fan’s vote for their favorites until there is only one left. After convincing TV Guide Canada that Olicity should be included in the race, fan’s wasted no time voting for them. The couple beat out Mindy and Danny from Fox’s The Mindy Project with 97 percent of the votes. They still remain the highest percentage in the race, followed closely by The CW’s Klaus and Caroline. The crossover couple, nicknamed Klaroline, originated on the CW’s The Vampire Diaries. The character Klaus is now the focus point of his own show, also owned by The CW, called The Originals. Despite their separation, they won with 96 percent of the votes against Teen Wolf’s Danny and Ethan.

It is notable that the couples that have earned the highest votes are not actually together, and never have been on any of the shows. It is still unknown if Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak will ever become a couple on the show. The romance was teased heavily in the series finale, and fans are eagerly awaiting season three. Though the fan following is enormous, a pairing between the two characters would stem from the original concept of the comics. Green Arrow has always been famously paired with fellow superhero Black Canary.

Black Caolicitynary has already been introduced on the show as character Sara Lance, a friend and ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queens. The title may be handed over to her sister, Laurel Lance, another of Olivers ex-girlfriends, and long-time love interest. The fandom still refuse to give up hope for Olicity. It has been attributed to their love of Felicity Smoak, and the strong dislike that fans have expressed toward other females he has been paired with.

The show has already strayed very far from its roots, introducing new characters and providing a fresh take on the story. Felicity Smoak was originally included as a joke from the writers, hoping to see which dedicated fans would recognize the character from the DC universe. The fan response was so enormous they brought her back for a few more episodes and now she is currently a series regular. The writers have made it very clear they are leaving the possibility for the pairing open.

The second round of voting in the World Couple Challenge that will include Olicity opens in a few days, where they will be up against New Girl’s Nick and Jess. The competing couple won the first round against True Blood’s Sookie and Eric with 55 percent of the votes. Twitter is already buzzing with fans eagerly awaiting their opportunity to take on their second chance at winning a round for the fandom.

By Kaylynne Spauls

E Online

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