Twitch Plays Pokémon X With Help of Modded 3DS

Twitch plays Pokémon X with modded 3DS

You may have forgotten about it after the initial game was beaten and Red became the champion, but Twitch is still playing Pokemon. Starting July 27, Twitch will embark on the newest pokemon adventure yet, the sixth generation; Pokémon X. However, a problem stems from the lack of an emulator to play the game, but an answer has been found.

Some time back, an individual calling himself dekuNukem, created a shiny pokemon automator that would help him easily find rare pokemon. Since then he has perfected his system by adding additional features for a number of different situations. His system can now handle Masuda method breeding and even cloning between two games. It is intense.

Since then, dekuNukem has come up with a solution to the problem Twitch has run into. Since there is no emulator for the newest Pokemon games X and Y, they will need to be played on the 3DS itself. The setup created allows external control over all aspects of play, analogue stick, touch screen, all of it. Looks like Twitch will be able to play all the pokemon games after all.

Not only does this mean that Twitch can continue to play and stream pokemon games, it means they can also potentially play and stream other 3DS games as well, which they have already started. Until Pokémon X is ready, Twitch is streaming Animal Crossing: New Leaf. This also means that Twitch will be able to play Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire when they come out, but I’m hoping to see some Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Not only that, but since Pokémon X is being played on the actual 3DS, it can still make use of all the wireless connectivity the game has to offer. That means Wonder trades, O-Powers, and even battling or trading with others. If The Pokemon Company intended for players to connect with others to change their experience of the game, then Twitch at least has the opportunity now to experience Pokémon X to a fuller extent. The action begins July 27, 9:00pm Pacific.

Did you enjoy when Twitch played Pokemon Red? Have you been following the series since then? Twitch Plays Pokemon has certainly dropped in numbers since then, but continues for those still playing. This playthough mega evolutions will be possible (considering Twitch can find and equip the proper stones). A while back Twitch added a form of Salty Bet, where viewers could bet fake currency on the outcome of pokemon battles taking place via Pokémon Stadium 2. With the current set up, it looks like this betting feature, and all of PS2 will be missing.

With the help of one such individual, Twitch will continue to play pokemon, forever. “It’s a great honor that I can contribute to the community…” says dekuNukem. Using a modded 3DS Twitch can continue to play pokemon games and even other 3DS games. Will you be there July 27 when Twitch dives into Pokémon X? Don’t forget, gotta catch ’em all.

By Garrett Jutte
Nintendo Life
Guardian Liberty Voice

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  1. Michael Norton   July 26, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    I see a pretty serious error here: it says it starts at 9:00 PM on July 27th, Pacific time. While it does start for me on the 27th (at the stroke of midnight) I’m in Eastern time, so in Pacific time it will still be the 26th. I’m sure a lot of people who join on the 27th will be pretty upset having missed the first day.

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