Twitter is Making News and Important Changes


Twitter is making news with important changes, additions  and a so-called “nerdy” account. The last occurrence isn’t “nerdy” as much as controversial and discourteous to users of Twitter. In a report by The Washington Post, someone behind a twitter account known by the name SCOTUSblog was reported as tricking users into thinking justices of the Supreme Court of the United States had been tweeting responses to references made about “Hobby Lobby,” the latest trending topic referring to the ruling of the Supreme Court as to whether corporations can opt out of paying for birth-control contraception to workers on the basis of “religious grounds.” The report revealed the person behind the SCOTUSblog account was Tom Goldstein, who it was reported that he decided to hold tweeters responsible for the misguided responses that were provided. The Washington Post further clarified there are “many, many, many” stories on how the Justices of the Supreme Court do not use Twitter- let alone the internet- with each of the “many” words highlighted to include links to such stories. Numerous examples of tweets sent to the twitter account are included in the report, as well as how Goldstein responded to each tweet referring to the Hobby Lobby issue.

In other news, Twitter is making important changes to their corporate board of members, including replacing Chief Financial Officer Mike Gupta with Goldman Sachs investment banker, Anthony Noto, as reported by The Wall Street Journal. Gupta will be Senior Vice President (VP) of strategic investments, a new operation at Twitter Inc. The Wall Street Journal report includes other changes have recently occurred including the operating chief, Ali Rowghani, “abruptly” leaving, as well as the head of North American Media, Chloe Sladden, who was reported as following Rowghani out the door on the same day. Twitter Inc. had also obtained a new VP of Product Development, and new Head of Engineering. The report from The Wall Street Journal indicated Twitter’s stock rose on Tuesday, but  Twitter shares remain below the opening stock price of $44.09 that was reached last November.

Among these important corporate changes and whimsical news occurrences happening on Twitter, Mashable, the news website, has a report which stated the social networking website may have recently experimented with a “Buy Now” button. The button may have accidentally been leaked, but according to the report, the feature was first mentioned in a report on new features for Twitter ads. This new option is reported as being similar to the “Download” button found in app-stores on electronic devices, such as smartphones and tablets, and offers the capability to purchase a product instantly. Another new feature that was reported was the “click-to-call” option, which allows users to call companies directly from a cell-phone to find out more information about a product the company tweeted on. The report from Mashable stated these new features should not be bothersome to tweeters who are used to ads and images that show up on user’s timelines, and that these new features could possibly bring more revenue to Twitter, and companies who advertise on the network.

By Liz Pimentel

Washington Post
Wall Street Journal

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