Alec Baldwin Involved With Police Yet Again

Alec Baldwin has found himself involved with police officers once again, after an altercation that took place in the Hamptons early Sunday morning. The actor was not arrested, but multiple officers swarmed the scene to deal with the incident.

A source close to Baldwin and his wife say that the two were walking in the park with their baby of almost one year, when they were approached by a photographer. The man in question had a previous run-in with Baldwin last year, when the man reportedly insulted the actor’s wife, Hilaria, by way of several extremely profane remarks. Upon recognizing the photographer, the 56-year-old flew into a rage, insisting the paparazzo leave them alone. A nearby officer quickly intervened in the situation in an attempt to make peace before the conflict escalated to a potentially violent circumstance, of which the 30 Rock star has built up somewhat of a reputation for. The officer called for backup in case his efforts to defuse the situation failed, and a few more patrol cars reportedly pulled up to the scene. The extra security was not needed, however, as one of the officers managed to get Baldwin to cool down and even end the exchange with a civil handshake.

This is the latest event in a fairly lengthy string of altercations the actor has had with the law over the years. In May of this year, he was arrested for riding his bike on Fifth Avenue in New York City. He was also booked for disorderly conduct, with officers saying that he was being belligerent and uncooperative at the time of arrest. He was taken to the police department in order to better identify him, a matter many found unusual due to the fact that he is such a high-profile actor. When given the choice to either apologize to the arresting officers for his alleged behavior or pay a fine, Baldwin chose to pay the fine. He went on to say that he felt authorities acted unreasonably, overreacting to the bike situation while leaving photographers to harass his wife and daughter outside of their home. He also claims that on the day of the arrest, a photographer got so close to his daughter that she was nearly hit with a camera, something authorities did nothing about.

Baldwin has been known to be extremely protective of his children when it comes to photographers and paparazzi getting too close. Shortly after the birth of his first child Ireland, whom he had with ex-wife Kim Bassinger, the actor allegedly attacked a photographer who confronted the couple as they returned home after leaving the hospital with their then 3-day-old child. Despite the two’s request to be left alone and exit the scene peacefully with their newborn, the photographer reportedly refused to back off, causing Baldwin to initiate the assault.

Alec Baldwin’s latest confrontation with authorities managed to be diffused before it led to a further altercation. Neither the actor nor his representatives have yet given a public statement regarding the incident.

by Rebecca Grace


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