Ariana Grande Opens VMAs With a Bang

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The MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) opened with Ariana Grande singing her hit Break Free and then was followed by Nicki Minaj singing Anaconda and then ended with Bang Bang, performed by Jessie J, Grande and Minaj. The opening was a far cry from last years VMAs opening which included Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke in the infamous twerking performance.

Ariana Grande was seen on the red carpet wearing black leather knee-high boots and a mini black leather dress with cut outs. The 24-year-old looked sexy as always, hair pulled back into her signature style.

Grande started coming out of a space ship like contraption sparkling from head to toe. The young singer had her knee-high boots on again, this time studded with glittering stones with a matching body suit. The Problem singer belted out a few verses to perfection and then was followed by Nicki Minaj singing her new single, Anaconda.

Minaj came out in a green two piece, surrounded by jungle props and snake-like dancers. During rehearsals for the VMA performance, one of Minaj’s dancer was bitten by a boa constrictor that was to be used in the act. Needless to say, instead of replacing the snake with another, which was assumed would be the case, Minaj opted for no real snake at all. Instead having the back up dancers have snake markings on their bare skin. Minaj looked like she was enjoying her performance and relishing the spotlight.

After that, Jessie J began singing Bang Bang, soon to be joined on the VMA stage by Grande, who had quickly changed into a black and white body suit with, again, black knee-high boots. Jessie J and Grande’s voice were solid and the two carried the stage to perfection. Enter Nicki Minaj.

When Minaj came on for her part in the song, it looked like the Anaconda singer did not have enough time for a costume change as Grande had. Minaj came on stage in a black mini dress with a slit in the front and Minaj had to keep the top of the dress closed tight for the entire performance. Minaj looked a little out-of-place with Grande and Jessie J and seemed to be more concerned about the wardrobe malfunction than anything else.

Grande had went on to win an award for Problem at the VMAs which also features Iggy Azalea. Oddly, only Grande when onstage to accept the award, however  the Break Free singer did thank Azalea for being on the song with her. Azalea did not look pleased at all when Grande accepted the award when a camera caught a glimpse of the Australian rappers facial expression.

The VMAs opened up with a bang with Grande and the show just went uphill from there. With other smashing performances by Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora and, of course, the finale by Beyonce. Grande put on a fabulous show and even outshined Minaj, who seemed to be more into herself than the actual performance. Jessie J and Grande showed off their pipes to precision however and thanks to them, the three star-studded VMAs opening was a great way to get the audience in the mood for the evening.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


US Magazine
Hollywood Reporter
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