Autism Can Be Treated With Medical Marijuana



One in every 68 children in the U.S. is diagnosed with one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). ASD affects neurological development and behavioral dysfunction generally becomes evident by a child’s third year. While numerous medications have proven to be ineffective, a treatment with medical marijuana is gaining momentum. Included in ASD are Autism, Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

ASD is not identified through a single behavior, but, instead, it crosses the behavioral spectrum to include lack of social skills, communication restrictions and curtailed interests that include repetitive behavior. There is no known cure for Autism, but occasional recovery has occurred. One of the concerns for the autistic child is a high probability of seizures once the age of puberty is reached.

There are two primary compounds that are found in the marijuana plant. One is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the other is cannabidiol (CBD). It is the THC compound that produces the psychoactivity associated with the drug. CBD has medical properties but does not contribute to any psychoactivity. It provides long-lasting analgesic effects, reduces inflammation, and aids in the treatment of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer

Currently there are several medical conditions for which medical marijuana can be prescribed. They are cancer, AIDS, seizures, glaucoma, severe nausea or pain, muscle atrophy and severe weight loss.

To effectively treat Autism, the medical marijuana needs to be high in CBD and not THC. CBD can be used in a variety of ways, and dosages can be extracted for use in different lifestyles and needs.  Cannabis helps with the reduction of anxiety, which often leads to tantrums, and seizures.

A recent story of 5-year-old Charlotte Figi, detailing her success of drastically reducing seizures, has given rise to the popularity of high CBD hemp oil.   A liquid made from extracting cannabinoids from the plant can be mixed with pleasant tasting smoothies or taken orally with a capsule.

Liquid cannabis extractions in the form of tinctures can be applied under the tongue. They are particularly effective against milder symptoms and used to reduce stress.

Balms and salves containing cannabis can also be used for local relief of aches and pains. These balms often contain other therapeutic compounds in addition to CBD.

University of California researchers have found that cannabis can be used to treat a variety of neurological diseases, including autism. The study found that CBD regulates emotion and focus, acting as a neuroprotective against further brain degradation. In the autistic patient, mood can be regulated with oral doses of cannabis. Dosages can be regulated according to severity of the disorder. Unlike prescribed remedies, there are no concerns about overdosing, providing a sense of security for caretakers.

There have been documented cases where cannabis has been successful in the treatment of ASD. CBD has reduced anxiety, rage and hostility in patients by inducing a relaxed, steady and calm demeanor. When including the positive effect of cannabis on seizures, the potential use of CBD for treatment of ASD becomes very real.

As medical marijuana becomes more readily available throughout the country, using it as a viable treatment for Autism will become more of a reality. Sativex is a cannabis-based medication for spasticity treatment of multiple sclerosis. It is also being developed to include treatment for cancer and neuropathic pain. The drug is now available in 11 countries. In the U.S., it is in the phase III trial stage for cancer pain, a prerequisite before making the drug available by prescription. Treating autism using marijuana’s CBD extract has the potential to not only reduce symptoms, but also to ease the lives of caretakers.

By Hans Benes


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  4. Is there any facts that taking this will also increase weight? Hunger is a side affect?

  5. It’s about time evidence based, factual articles like this are being written in favor of improving the quality of life for the astounding number of children facing these debilitating afflictions and the desperate search for help. Thank you for writing this article. Let’s hope some action takes place,
    and soon, to alleviate some of the excruciating anxiety these children deal with every second of every waking moment and the fear and anxiety of their parents and grandparents wondering if seizures are just around the corner as they become teens. As a society, it’s shameful more hasn’t been done before this. How many more children have to be afflicted. One in every 68 children is more than alarming, it’s inexcusable that more isn’t done. Thank you for this well written article.

  6. CBD oil truly has changed the game for autism. Online sites like and others are popping up everywhere and make CBD oil available to anyone in the US. We truly are grateful for the new research and for cannabidiol.

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  8. Concentrated CBD can be obtained from industrial hemp in a whole plant extract which may be ideally suited to Autism and a number of other disorders. I am using CBD in a wide variety of conditions with very high success but no adverse effects. Dr. Philip Blair.

    1. I live in texas please tell me where to get this one of my sons has multiple disorders. Pills r deadly an cause addiction an add more problems yearly.

  9. Those wanting to make this medical marijuana available to younger users are separating these two CBD and THC… so that society will accept it… I personally don’t care how they get it done… appeasing the old scared people might be a must do at the moment… you and I know the truth… and we also know that things don’t change overnight….

  10. CBD is bull. The entire plant can treat Autism, this CBD charade is getting REALLY tiresome.

  11. I totally agree with the comment above. I live in an area where high content of CBD enriched cannabis is not available to me, which means to get my medicine for alleviating the symptoms of aspergers, I would generally have to approach the black market where the strains are designed just to get you ‘high’. Even this does a great job of calming both me and my symptoms and although I would never use these strains while working I believe medicating in the evening still carries through the medicated effect during the day but not the high.

  12. “To effectively treat Autism, the medical marijuana needs to be high in CBD and not THC.”

    Not true. To effectively treat Autism, the cannabis is better with some CBD but it doesn’t have to be ‘high’ in CBD and pure THC is better than no cannabinoids at all. Please stop making people feel the bar is actually higher than it is. Thank you.

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