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Brittany Murphy

Lifetime has announced that it will be releasing a biopic on Brittany Murphy. The young actress died of pneumonia in 2009, although there are suspicious circumstances around her death. The movie is not going to focus on these suspicious circumstances throughout, but will touch on them closer to the end.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two-hour movie made for television will star Amanda Fuller as the actress. Sherilyn Fenn will portray Sharon, the late actress’ mother, allowing the movie to show some of the sadness and difficulties that she went through after her daughter’s death. Grey’s Anatomy and Last Man Standing fans will recognize Fuller, while Twin Peaks fans will know Fenn.

The announcement of the biopic, called The Brittany Murphy Story, has angered the actress’ mother. She claims that she was never consulted about it, and has nothing to do with the entire movie. It does lead to the questions of how accurate some of the movie will be, especially for the stages after the death of the Clueless star. The network has not shared the source for the movie’s script.

The first part of the movie will go through the younger years of the actress. It will show how she became an actress, with the help of her mother, and the troubles she had leading up to her death. Once the death is shown, it will then show the aftermath. This is where the biopic will cover some of the suspicions.

The news that the Murphy biopic is coming to Lifetime comes just after a report that the star’s life could have been saved. All her mother needed to so was call for an ambulance 24 hours earlier. However, the report did touch on the fact that considering the actress’ sedated state that the time, it was unlikely that anybody realized that something was gravely wrong.

Her father is still searching for answers. In November 2013, a private toxicology report showed that there were heavy metals within the 8 Mile star’s system. These metals are commonly found in insecticides and rat poisons, adding to the suspicions that her mother caused her death. However, there have been no charges brought because there is not any evidence to support these claims.

The coroner did reports that pneumonia was the primary cause of death, but there were underlying factors. This was a similar report five months later when her husband, Simon Monjack, died. With his death under such similar circumstances, Murphy’s mother came under more fire and suspicion.

Pathologist Dr. Richard Shepherd acknowledged that the actress’ life may have been saved with an earlier phone call. However, he has not blamed her mother for the death. There are other circumstances that he has had to take into account, and it does not seem to be negligence and rather more of an accident.

Fans may be happy to see a movie of the talented young woman. However, not everyone is happy about the movie being made. There is no long to wait, as Lifetime has announced the biopic of Murphy will be aired on September 6, 2014.

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