Robin Williams’ Daughter Forced to Quit Social Media

Robin Williams

It is another sad day for Robin Williams’ daughter Zelda, who was forced to quit social media. Despite much of the world mourning for the death of the comedy actor, she has received abuse for his decision to commit suicide.

This is a sad sign of the times. People have found it easy to hide behind the computer screens and abuse others, whether it is through private messages on Facebook or publicly on Twitter. Most people will never go through a large amount, but 25-year-old Williams has received too much while she is still grieving for the loss of her father.

The good news is that Twitter has banned the users who were part of the online trolling. However, there is little to stop them from creating a new account and continuing their actions. It also does nothing to change their actions that have already happened. The 25-year-old was left shaken after seeing photos of a man in a mortuary, who users claimed to be her father.

Some of the attacks were not taunting memories of her father, but actual abuse for the lack of photos that she shared herself. She had to defend her actions of not posting tribute photos, saying that the private moments were more important to her. There were few photos and selfies with her 63-year-old father, but that is the way that she preferred it. It made the private moments more important to her.

Williams’ daughter was forced to quit social media after the abuse did not stop. There are no signs whether this is permanent, but it is certainly a good idea while she mourns for her father.

It will be difficult for the actor’s daughter to get her head around the situation. While she would have known about his depression, she has openly admitted that she does not understand why he killed himself. However, she has not called him selfish, which is something that others who do not understand the pain the actor was going through have done.

According to a friend, acting was something the Aladdin star did because he had to. The friend explained that there were two ex-wives and children that he needed to support. The $100,000 per episode wage he was getting for The Crazy Ones was enough to pay everything and it was difficult to hear that the show was getting cancelled. There were other acting jobs in the future, but Williams had previously admitted that acting brought out some of the demons and darkness.

In her initial tribute, the only daughter of the Good Will Hunting actor did acknowledge those spreading negativity about his death. She spoke about how he enjoyed laughing and would be sending pigeons to “poop on your car” right after washing it.

However, the negativity has become too much. The world of online bullying has taken over and has led to an innocent victim leaving for the sake of her own mental health. Williams’ daughter has been forced to quit social media for now so she can grieve for the loss of her father.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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