Chris Pratt: A Regular Guy

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt is currently seeing his star rise to the heights of those featured in his latest blockbuster film, Guardians of the Galaxy, (which had the most successful August opening ever earning over $94 million at the box office) but really Pratt is just a regular guy. He grew up in Lake Stevens, Washington, a small fairly rural town about 35 minutes north of Seattle. His fellow students knew him as the funny, charismatic wrestler always ready to draw a laugh. Though he did not necessarily always dream of becoming the star he is today, those who know him can attest that Chris Pratt, though just a regular guy at heart, was born to be a star.

Pratt has parlayed his “regular guy” likeability into roles as the simple but endearing Andy on Parks and Rec, as the schlubby but lovable best friend in Delivery Man to his current role as the heroic, smart-mouth badass, Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. It seems the main draw of Chris Pratt is little more than the fact that he is really just a nice, normal, regular guy. This is a trend that is catching on more and more in Hollywood as fans love to support their favorite stars, especially when they feel like said star could also swing by the local pub for a beer with them. Pratt is most certainly this guy.

Pratt comes from a humble and average background and it is from this foundation that he navigates his way, nicely and regularly, through Hollywood. From his take on fatherhood, Pratt is father to one year old son Jack, and his traditional approach to marriage, he has been married to actress Anna Faris since 2009, to the undeniable way he does not take himself too seriously. He works hard and comes by his successes naturally. He was quoted in a 2011 interview saying: “Neither of us would want to come across as somebody who got a role because of the person we’re with, you know what I mean?” in reference to acting on film with his wife. It is just this sort of candid honesty that continues to endear Pratt to fans, critics and Hollywood at large.

Chris Pratt, by all accounts, is just a regular guy. A regular guy who is currently enjoying world-wide fame and success the likes of Hollywood’s most elite, so as regular as that guy can be. It is this approachability that most likely drew Pratt to his wife of five years, Faris, who is also from the Pacific Northwest having attended high school a mere 20 minutes away from Pratt.

In the machine that is Hollywood it is not rare to see a person’s star burn out as quickly as it had risen. Pratt however might just be able to avoid this pitfall by sticking with his current formula: regular guy living an extraordinary life. Critics seem to think so as well saying: “Starring in one hit movie doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a box office draw forever. But after looking at the evidence, the odds seem to be in Pratt’s favor.” He works hard and does not think that he is owed anything by anyone. He seems humble and beyond thrilled to be where he is. Chris Pratt is just a regular guy who is also a dad, husband and son, he just also happens to be the world’s current leading funny man, action hero and star-lord. Not bad for a guy from Lake Stevens, Washington.

By Heather Everett


Washington Post


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