Conrad Hilton Involved in Another Car Crash

Conrad Hughes Hilton, younger brother of socialite Paris Hilton, has been involved in another car crash. The incident occurred over the weekend of Aug. 22, 2014. He did not sustain any major injuries.

Hilton was driving in the city of Palm Springs, California, when the accident occurred. He clipped another car while attempting to change lanes, and then proceeded to hit the back of a trailer tractor before his vehicle finally came to a rest on the side of the road. The 20-year-old is said to be lucky to have survived the incident with just a few minor abrasions and a fractured hand, as the damage was significant and he had to be removed from his vehicle by way of a hydraulic rescue tool. The machine was the only way to free Hilton, as the vehicle’s doors were crumpled to the point that he would not have been able to open them in order to execute his release.

The California Highway Patrol gave a statement that alcohol and drugs were not a factor in the crash, but said that Hilton was confirmed to be speeding shortly before the incident occurred. Police reported that before the crash, the man’s reckless driving was reported by another driver who alerted authorities in an attempt to prevent such an incident. Authorities responded to the scene but reportedly lost sight of Hilton before they could apprehend him.

This is not the first incident Hilton has been involved in surrounding a vehicular collision. Back in November of 2011, he caused a double collision with a parked car, which in turn smashed into a parked car. The cause of the incident was also related to speeding. Despite the damage that occurred to the vehicles involved, he was not ticketed. His father, Rick Hilton, claimed that his son had only swerved in order to avoid hitting a dog that ran across his path while he was driving. However, evidence later taken from the scene of the crash showed that Hilton was driving with a bottle of medical marijuana. He was also in possession of two unopened bottles of wine, although a witness on the scene told authorities that Hilton profusely apologized for the incident while giving the alibi that he was drunk at the time. Hilton then allegedly pleaded with said witness not to call upon members of his family to report the incident. Both of his parents were reportedly in Las Vegas at the time of the crash. The witness gave the statement that Hilton smelled of both weed and alcohol, and that his eyes were extremely bloodshot at the time of the incident.

Auto collisions are not the only predicament Hilton has found himself in over the years. When he was just 18, he was placed in a juvenile detention hall following a positive drug test for marijuana. This violated the terms of his probation following the aforementioned previous incident associated with marijuana.

It is unknown, as of yet, what will become of Conrad Hilton’s latest auto collision. Neither Hilton nor his representatives have given any statement regarding the incident at this time.

By Rebecca Grace

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