Courtney Stodden to Renew Vows With Doug Hutchison

Courtney Stodden is planning to renew her vows with estranged husband Doug Hutchison. The 19-year-old gave a statement to popular celebrity gossip website Fishwrapper confirming the plan for her reinstated nuptials.

Stodden and Hutchison made international headlines in 2010 for their marriage, astounding the public with their 34 year age difference. Parents were astonished and horrified at Stodden’s parents giving their permission for the marriage, and fans of the actor began to think twice about what kind of person the man really was. The pair became almost instant celebrities among the internet, with people tracking their every move and waiting to see how the marriage unfolded. The two spent three years together before Stodden decided to take a step back from the relationship. Her reasoning behind this move consisted of her wish to simply be a teenager, an experience she felt was lost by her choosing to marry at such a young age. In an interview with Bethenny Frankel that was conducted shortly after the split, she detailed her plans to do what most 18 or 19 year-olds do; spend time with their friends, possibly go to college, and most importantly just enjoy life. The romance, however, rekindled earlier this month, when she says they found a way to overcome their differences and make it work again. She attributes their difficulties and hard experiences together as making them closer in the end, and making both of them even more sure that they were the one for each other.

Stodden met Hutchison, an actor whose resume contains such credits as Lost and The Green Mile, through an acting workshop he taught online. Their relationship blossomed in the same manner, with the two engaging in internet courtship for approximately six months. Hutchison remains insistent to this day that he had absolutely no knowledge that his new girlfriend was a teenager, let alone only 16 years old. Upon realization of this fact, he alerted her mother, Krista Stodden, and stated that if she felt any unease due to the age difference that he would cease contact with her daughter immediately. The mother, who had been monitoring the conversations between the two and was fully aware of the age difference, left the decision up to her daughter. Almost immediately, Stodden made the decision to meet Hutchison in person, professing her love for him. Her father, although initially reluctant, stated later on that after he had met his daughter’s future husband, he could see how much the man cared for his daughter and gave his blessing.

The two wed in May of 2011 with the bride’s father walking her down the aisle. Although the ceremony went off without a hitch, conflict began to arise shortly after the news spread of their union. Hutchison was called a pedophile and a predator, received death threats, and ended up getting both dropped by his agent and disowned by his family. Stodden’s family, however, remained supportive of the union and welcomed their daughter’s new husband into the family with open arms.

Time will tell whether or not the couple will remain together for good this time. However, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have nothing but high hopes for the future of their marriage.

by Rebecca Grace

Fox News
Daily Mail

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