Crime News: GLV Daily Digest for August 25, 2014


The crime news digest from Guardian Liberty Voice for August 25, 2014, contains reports of a man accused of the grisly murders and dismemberment of three whose lawyer fears that he will not receive a fair trial because of his facial tattoos and implanted horns, the apprehension of a suspect in the deadly San Fernando spree killings that took place on Sunday morning and the female soldier who caused a lockdown on the Fort Lee Army Base after bringing a handgun into an office building and who later committed suicide.


CrimeHorns and ‘666’ Tattoo May Prejudice Jury

Caius Veiovis is on trial in Massachusetts for the kidnap, torture, murder and dismemberment of three men in August 2011. His attorney, James G. Reardon, Jr.,  is worried that Veiovis’ facial tattoos and implanted horns will prevent him from being able to seat an impartial jury to hear the case. He has asked Hampden Superior Court Judge C. Jeffrey Kinder to let him show a picture of his client to potential jury members before the final panel is seated.

Reardon is also requesting that Judge Kinder remove pictures of his client’s apartment from evidence because the photos show possible weapons, including hatchets, machetes and baseball bats with nails sticking out of them. Police have never determined what weapon was used in the murders. Veiovis’ accomplices have already been tried and convicted for their part in the crime. Reardon previously asked the judge to change the location of his client’s trial due to publicity from the two trials of his associates, but Judge Kinder denied the request. If no plea deal is reached, Veiovis’ trial is scheduled to start on Sept. 3, 2014.

CrimeSuspect in California Killings Apprehended

A person of interest has been detained in the spate of random shootings on Sunday morning which killed three people in the San Fernando Valley. Detectives have arrested him on charges of animal cruelty, which gives them time to put together more evidence linking him to the three murders. The suspect, Alexander Hernandez, 34, is being held pending bail of $1 million. The Sylmar resident has not been charged with the shootings, which claimed the lives of one man and two women. Four others were also injured during the random shootings.

According to Commander Andrew Smith of the LAPD, the same vehicle description and weapon was used in the killing of the dogs as in the random shootings on Sunday. Detectives working the animal cruelty crime recognized the vehicle and weapon as similar and notified homicide detectives. Despite statements on Sunday which indicated that there were two suspects in the case, investigators are not seeking anyone else in the crime.  Detectives have still not been able to determine any motive behind the shootings or any connection between the victims and the suspect.

CrimeFort Lee Shooter Declared Dead by Own Hand

After barricading herself inside of an office on the Fort Lee Army Base near Richmond, Virginia, a female soldier who had gone on a “rampage” earlier in the day shot herself while officers were attempting to negotiate her surrender. The unidentified soldier died from the gunshot wound at Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center. The sergeant first class had been in the Army for 14 years and was stationed at Fort Lee for the past three years. She was deployed to Iraq in 2007 and served 15 months.

Fort Lee was locked down for approximately one hour during the incident, which began when the soldier entered the Combined Arms Support Command headquarters of Fort Lee with a handgun at approximately 8:45 a.m. Major General Stephen Lyons, at a news conference on Monday, said that the deceased female went on a tear, throwing things around the office. He gave no motive for the soldier’s actions. At the time of the incident, approximately 1,100 people occupied the building.

By Jennifer Pfalz

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