The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review)

*Contains Spoilers*

The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review)

Episode 10 of The Last Ship is the show’s finale and if looking at IMDb means anything, a second season has already been approved. However, before that happens the crew of the USS Nathan James have to cope with having been cured of the plague and trying to spread the vaccine across a country decimated by the illness.

Commander Chandler and Dr. Scott have well and truly buried the hatchet and Tex is pretty upset that his fever generated confession of love for Scott has gone unanswered. Meanwhile Chandler’s family have headed to Olympia to get help. After being turned away from the gates to Baltimore, Chandler’s dad crashes through the barriers.

After discovering that the facility Scott planned to use for mass reproduction of the cure has been destroyed, the James is hailed from onshore via a radio signal. It is Baltimore and the remaining representative of the U.S. government Mrs. Granderson is excited to see that the crew have made it back and have a cure.

It turns out that Granderson has a daughter on board the ship and she welcomes the whole crew to Baltimore to start injecting the local populace with the vaccine. When the advance team meets with the local police and Granderson, they are being watched by someone not on the same side as the politico running things in the city.

The opposing faction attempt to shoot Granderson, but miss their chance. While Rachel Scott looks over the lab and the Baltimore police get their inoculations aboard the James, Chandler heads to the radio room to get in touch with his family. The opposing faction learn that the Crew have delivered a cure and their immediate concern is that Granderson will take the town.

The Last Ship finale takes a darker turn after the Commander contacts his family and goes out with a small squad that includes the Master Sergeant. Before the rescue attempt Tex stops by the lab to tell Dr. Scott that he is heading out. Rachel reaches out and shakes his hand, but before he leaves Tex kisses her. After their romantic clinch, he leaves and Scott seems pretty stunned.

Once Chandler learns that his father and family are not in Virginia but in Baltimore, and that they are all sick, he learns their precise position. Granderson sends in an escort consisting of her police force along with the Commander and when the commander and his crew attempt to head to Olympia, the cops try to kill the naval crew members.

The Master Sergeant is injured and sent back for treatment and Chandler heads to Olympia with one crewman. Granderson grills her daughter to see what the ship’s commander is like and things are beginning to look a little different from what has been previously presented by the leader. She specifically asks her daughter if the commander can “take orders.” Lt Granderson looks surprised and asks, “From who?”

Dr. Scott finds out that the treatment that Dr. Hamada is giving patients is toxic and not helping them at all. Chandler gets to Olympia and finds that his wife did not make it. After injecting his father and his two children, he then learns that the people “treating” the sick in Olympia are instead killing them deliberately.

Lt. Norris, Granderson’s head of police, shoots a crewman back on the bridge of the James while arguing with Slattery about mustering the crew. Scott’s scientific partner rushes Norris but is shot for his interference.

By the end of The Last Ship season finale, Chandler and the remnants of his family learn that the dead are being used to create power for the city. Norris has control of the ship and Scott learns that Granderson’s plans for her cure do not include the general populace. The show, which has been pretty dark all along, has now taken a turn for the worse for our heroes.

By Michael Smith



3 Responses to "The Last Ship Finale (Recap and Review)"

  1. Leslie Landreth Bennett   August 27, 2014 at 9:54 am

    he sees the dump trucks with dead bodies heading for the power plant. so instead of eating the dead (soilent green style) they are burning them at the power plant. i’m guessing this is a trash to energy plant like we’ve got in the tulsa area…

    • Nightshade   August 27, 2014 at 6:03 pm

      The power plant in the show is Baltimore’s real world waste to energy facility. Wheelabrator Baltimore, processes 3,300 tons of trash a day to produce 60 megawatts.

      The problem is, that waste to energy facilities use a moving grate to move garbage through the kiln. The average travel time from one end to the other is 20 minutes. Not nearly long enough to dry out and consume somthing that is 70% water.

  2. John   August 27, 2014 at 8:01 am

    How does the Commander learn people are being killed????? It just comes to him?????
    Lame story line in this part !!!


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