Criminal Minds Shares Details on Alex Blake’s Departure

Criminal Minds

Alex Blake departed Criminal Minds suddenly and quietly at the end of season nine, but executive producer Erica Messer has shared the details. Many fans will be happy to see that she will not just disappear for good and that there will be closure.

It has been a problem for many shows. New characters come in, fans love them and then the actor or actress decides to move on. The characters are quickly written out, leaving fans wondering what happened and where they are now. Charmed was one of the guilty shows to get rid of characters quickly, although the writers tended to write them so fans would hate them and want them to leave by the end.

Criminal Minds writers have never been quite as guilty. While characters have come and gone, there has always been a reason given at some point. The only character not to get many answers for was Jason Gideon between the second and third season. While a letter was left for Spencer Reid, there was never a follow-up to see where he was and what he was doing.

With Alex Blake, things will be handled very differently. While she was only on the show for two seasons, Jeanne Tripplehorn made the character likeable and almost relatable. Fans warmed to her rather quickly, especially her relationship with Spencer Reid. There was no big goodbye, leaving many to worry what she would do next.

The good news is that Messer has shared the detailed on Alex Blake’s departure in Criminal Minds. There is no need to worry for the character; she has simply moved on with her life. The character retired from the FBI and is now teaching full-time; something that she clearly enjoyed doing. Messer explained that the character is now teaching others how to profile and be a brilliant member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

It makes sense for the character. However, many fans hope that the reason for her departure is given. There was no indication that she wanted to move on from her job until the season finale. It was a moment when Spencer was shot that she decided it was time to rethink her life and move on from the FBI. It was only a season before that she had told her husband she was not ready to leave. It was a major milestone to reach the BAU and she would not have given that up lightly.

Alex Blake’s departure does mean that there is a position for another character. Many will already be aware of Jennifer Love Hewitt taking that place as Kate Callahan. It is difficult to come into a show when so many of the other characters are well-known and loved. How the fans react to this new character will be interesting, along with how she bonds with the team.

Very little has been shared about Kate Callahan’s story and entrance. However, fans have time to get ready for that. All many wanted to know was what had happened to Alex Blake, and Criminal Minds fans can rest at ease knowing that details of her departure will be shared quickly.

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22 Responses to "Criminal Minds Shares Details on Alex Blake’s Departure"

  1. Bea Becker   January 16, 2018 at 10:01 am

    I miss Emily also she was great Jennifer Love Hewitt did not belong on that show I never liked Jason Gideon he was too bossy and know it all .Glad he left Rossi is a great character I am so sorry about losing Hotch.I miss Morgan too I have not watched season 13 my favorites are gone I really enjoyed the show I watch reruns on ROKU well like life things change

  2. Wwe   December 4, 2017 at 1:13 am

    I always loved cm but the show losing it touch every episode you felt like there was scary factor in it that makes you want to hold onto something but now it just feels like ok opening victim gets killed by unsub then Garcia shows the case then on the plane then go where the crime took place then profile is given then the unsub about to kill again then jj or Rossi Morgan or Reid Araron or Emily talks the unsub down or shoot say quote then that’s I love cm but with every agent coming and going it changes the feeling on the team like elle character her character was pretty good she never really had a episode that was given to her to show why she wanted to be an FBI agent or detective or anything all she got was episode a where she was shot came back shoot lee then left then Emily came then Jason left I think you get my point season 10 season 11 season 12 season 13 aren’t just as good as season 1 season 2 season 3 season 4 season 5 season 6 season 7 season 8 season 9 I think the last good season was 9 there way to many changes and it’s sad those seasons had that creepy feel to it that made you want to be scared or grab something or when someone said ur name when they made you jump when they called ur because of the episode your watching the writing getting lazy it’s the same thing dang thing over and over again to where you can say ok this character only going to react to this case while on a different case there like o the unsub did this because of his mother and father like jj whenever there’s a missing kid it reminds her of Henry and she gose mommy mode the episode will start with her at home having a family bonding moment with will or Henry then having to leave for a case half way thru gets to her she deals with it kills the unsub or talk him or her down then gose home to her family vs 3 women was raped and killed while walking home from the gym she will just act normal every character has a case that gets to them but you can tell what case gets to them I understand some cases become to much but then there a fine line only reaction to missing kids or a rape female you get my point I have been with cm since the start but things do need to change

  3. shelly   May 5, 2015 at 6:06 pm

    Callahan needs to go.. She doesn’t mesh with the others. The chemistry isn’t there. Don’t know if it’s the character or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  4. Patricia Turnbull   January 16, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    I love this show…been watching since it’s first air date on September 22nd 2005…I have gone broke to own all the seasons to date on DVD…it’s an amazing show with an amazing cast…some however I can’t say I’m all to sad to see leave….so let me break it down for you to understand my stand point…..Matthew Gray Gubler as Spencer Reid…I love this guy and actually have Googled most of what he has said for validation purposes lol….he’s the soft side of the show, he’s eager to learn and when someone around him especially on the team leaves he is genuinely saddened by the loss, he is someone who will listen yet is unsure to speak to others if he has a problem…I too believe the drug thing needs to stop, it’s been over done in my opinion unless helping someone that part of his life should be buried, I would be interested in knowing what is happening with his mother..perhaps a card/letter or a little gift from her…as well his dad, that was sort of cut and dry, do they still talk, that could be said in casual conversation…Shemar Moore as Morgan…oh baby…although he is the sexy one that all the girls love to see he is also the strong man, he shows his love for his family in several episodes, showing he’s a family oriented man and a one woman man at that would treat her right…the romance he has going on now is somewhat threatening his role on the show as he is now having second thoughts about working and raising a family..I know he’d be an excellent dad but I’m afraid he’d choose to leave if it ever happened and to find someone to replace those shoes would have to be a very special person indeed…A.J Cook as Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, she’s amazing..she’s gone from behind closed doors filling out reports and setting up the next big case to kicking some major booty lol…I’m so glad she decided to come back to the show, she is the lost girl, the silent one and shows love and empathy to those she cares for as well as the victims to whom she helps comfort….Joe Mantegna as David Rossi alright truth be known I’ve always had an eye for the Italian American with the sexy voice hehe…I will admit from the start I was concerned when he came in the fold as he was ridged and wanted things his way, he had a lot of baggage he brought with him and didn’t stop to think of others…now he’s a warm hearten man who has taken my heart away, he can be stern when need be and soft and gentle as well…I loved seeing him cry, only a man cries in my opinion…I would like to know more about his daughter and if we’re doing anything with that idea…it took us all for a shock I think when it happened then the next thing we knew he was on a plane and heading out to meet his grandchild and son in law….then it ended….Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner generally called “Hotch” he’s stern and rarely smiles, reminds me of my dad in a way…he’s a worrier and a problem solver…he’s the head of the team and does his job with all he has and then some…I would like to see him get a phone call from his little boy from time to time…saying good night or what he did special that day and to further analyse what happened to his girlfriend..are they having a long distance relationship? is he still dating? personally I just want the man to smile some lol…..Paget Brewster as Emily Prentiss a tough girl with spark and enthusiasm, she was the one anyone could talk to and feel comfortable…it was a hard road from being dead to being alive again and trying to regain the trust of the team, especially Spencer…I was so sad to see her go and still hurt wanting her to return…thank goodness for guest spots lol….Kirsten Vangsness asPenelope Garcia the chipper one…she doesn’t like vivid gruesome images and looks away each time…she always has to find her happy place after a days work and relies on Morgan to comfort her and in return to her colleagues she shows them love in silly gestures and gifts…if I had one friend, Penelope would be my one true friend 🙂 Mandy Patinkin as Jason Giddeon sorry I never liked him on the show…he didn’t take orders he made them, he decided to leave for a better show saying the show was to dark and gory then went to comedy to the darkest of all situations I couldn’t even fathom watching….I have nothing good to say about him so I will do as my gran said and say nothing at all lol…Jennifer Love Hewitt as Kate Callahan, at first I wasn’t sure of her being on this type of genre show…I loved her in Ghost Whisperer and was devastated when it was cancelled out from under her even..for me I seen her as a sex model and nothing more and we already have a sex model on the show, no reason for two of them, even if they are of opposite sexes…but I’ve seen her in a few episodes, I may not warm to her as I did Emily but Emily was a special person and if they replaced her with a woman of the same stature then it just wouldn’t make sense, the show goes for equality not similarities…so I think with that she makes a reasonable replacement…I would like to know about this child she has and is supporting…she mentioned at the plane crash to Spencer and once again on the jet but nothing really became of there is now unanswered questions to her life…Lola Glaudini as Elle Greenaway..,hmmm going with gran on this one…not saying a word as I have nothing good to say about her acting on the show…Jeanne Tripplehorn as Alex Blake, in the beginning a big no for her…she just didn’t fit at took me quite some time to warm to her..still she seemed more of a teacher than an agent…I just found there was something missing with her…Rachel Nichols as Ashley Seaver the daughter of a serial there was a new twist, she was just a child and she was scared and it showed almost every episode someone had to have her back in some fashion or the other..very pretty and easy to talk to but not agent material..Meta Golding as Jordan Todd, I must admit I was surprised about her reaction to a murder scene after knowing where she came from…she would of made a great choice if they hadn’t made her so timid to the cases and a great hook up for Morgan lol…and lastly JoNell Kennedy as Sergeant Lynne Johnson in the two-part Season Nine premiere The Inspiration and The Inspired. I don’t have a lot to say about her as she wasn’t a big influence to the show in my opinon…but that’s the cast and the reasons I like or don’t and if there was anything nasty about them I took my grans advise and kept my yip shut lol

  5. Denny   January 14, 2015 at 11:53 am

    I’ve been a fan of CM from day one, since the first episode took place here in my hometown, Seattle, It’s been interesting to watch as intersections and landscapes have change since the filming. So much for nostalgia. Anyway the character of Blake I never quite understood. I never really saw her as part of the team, more like a consultant. As for the character of Erin, never really cared for her much but then that’s the role of an antagonist. With the death of Erin the team just kind of wanders around without a prod. I admit I’ve always been a JJ fan. She was great as liaison and was Dr. Reid’s confidant and support. I’ve never really felt she fit quite right as just another member in the field. It was the CM execs desire to save money that sent JJ and Emily (AJ, Paget) down the road.It was we, the letter writing fans that got them back. Though I can’t blame Paget for the ill feelings she had coming back, she needs to realize it was we, the FANS that got her back and it kind of felt like a slap in the face when she decided to leave. As for the character of Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) (I was a huge fan) leaving because the series was too “Dark and Evil”,you can’t get more dark and evil than his present POS series with it’s condoned murder and child rape. I wasn’t initially all that hot about the role of Rossi, but have definitely come to appreciate him. I think the writers are making a grave decision bringing back up the story line of Reid’s brush with addiction. As someone with 26 yrs of sobriety, it can be accomplished the first time around. There’s no need for the writers to exploit their own shortcomings,that story line has played, been buried, and as someone else said, needs to be left in the ground. Unless maybe Reid’s part would be to support someone else with a problem. I agree not to ever pair up Garcia and Morgan,that would a grave error and serious distraction to the series. As for Jenifer LH, I have been a big fan back before the GW days and still am, and not to type cast her but I just can’t feel the fit on CM. But then I initially couldn’t see Sam Malone(Ted Danson) on CSI or Ian Malcom(Jeff Goldblum) on L&O either, but have come to embrace them both. I’ll just have to give JLH more than just a few episodes before I decide. Last but not least Hotch (Thomas Gibson) what can I say, always great and an “anchor” and like any good bowling team, you go nowhere without one or a boat,you toss it over and come to a stop. Oh ya “Ell”, well Grandma always said that if you can’t say something nice, the don’t say anything at all.

  6. Victus (@hstlman)   December 16, 2014 at 6:09 pm

    Linfa Hall, Emily left to do comedy on her own will. They asked her to stay but she declined just like the person who played Gideon, he also wanted to do comedy because he said CM was to dark for him.

  7. Ron   November 11, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    Please….. I have never seen an actor like this she never fit never

  8. Trish   October 15, 2014 at 9:04 pm

    Big cliff hanger with that guy that was suppose to have died in the lake yet no body was found.. Thought something was going to happen there with Blake.

  9. Linda hall   October 13, 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Bring Emily back, PLEASE!!!!!! The show just isn’t the same without her

    • Victus (@hstlman)   December 16, 2014 at 6:12 pm

      Linda Hall, Paget Brewster (Emily) left to do comedy on her own will. They asked her to stay but she declined just like the person who played Gideon, he also wanted to do comedy because he said his character was to dark.

  10. Renee Harrington   September 21, 2014 at 7:48 pm

    I don’t care for adding a new member right at the beginning. It is just getting old. This makes 3 women who have come to the show and left, Brewster being the longest one staying. Is there something magic to having 7 team members? Just saying. I think it will be hard for me to see “the ghost whisperer” as a member of the BAU.

  11. Cee   September 9, 2014 at 8:04 pm

    Bringing JLH on the show is a grave mistake. I don’t think people who watch Criminal Minds are JLH fans. I’ll give her a chance as I do with everybody, but I’m not looking forward to seeing her on the show. Good luck with that.

  12. Cee   September 9, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    @ Alexandria, you’re not alone. I like Blake too. I disagree with you about Erin though. A lot of what Eric did had nothing to do with following the rules. Like if you listened to how she screwed over Blake in the past. Ruined her career and Blake and it tooks years for Blake to gain the respect back all because Erin was underhanded and only thinking about herself at the time. Then she tried to get rid of Hotch. That had nothing to do with following the rules either. She just wanted him gone because of the way something went down on one case, which wasn’t his fault. Sh!t happens in the field. She was such a know it all, but knew so little about how the team operates and what they go through. You saw it in the episode where she went out on a case and fell apart because she stepped on a dead victim’s hair. But before she stepped on the victims hair she was a total b!tch to JJ when JJ was trying to give her advice on how to handle the case. You couldn’t tell Erin anything without her snapping your head off. Don’t forget how she tried to use Emily to get rid of Hotch and made Emily almost quit the BAU. Don’t forget all the bad stuff Erin did. Did you really like her when she was doing all those things? lol

  13. Cee   September 9, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    @ Kathy, I didn’t care for Erin. She was a B!tch. She tried to screw over Hotch. She played games with Morgan and was trying to make him the boss when he didn’t want the position. She only did it because she wanted Hotch gone. Then she tried to use Emily to get rid of Hotch, which caused Emily to almost turn in her badge because she didn’t want to deal with the politics and BS that Erin was pulling. She also screwed over Blake. And she was a B!tch to JJ when she went out on a case with them and JJ tried to offer her advice because she was handling the case wrong. I could go on and on. The lady was whack. They made you feel sorry for her at the end because she had sobered up from her alcohol addiction. I still didn’t care when she died. She was terrible. Good riddance. I love Blake. Her character brought balance in Emily’s absence. She’s not boring to me at all.

  14. Alexandria Ingham   September 1, 2014 at 1:59 am

    I guess I’m really in a minority by liking Alex, although people I’ve spoken to in person also really liked her character. I liked that she gave Reid someone to connect with on a more intellectual level. I’m not a fan of JJ but I love Penelop and Morgan. If either of those left, I think it would be the end of the show. As for Erin, she was a character I really enjoyed. I never hated her and saw her as someone who simply had to follow the rules, while trying to do the best for the department. It’s a difficult position to be at the top.

  15. Kathy   September 1, 2014 at 1:33 am

    Sorry about the few misspelled words. As for Alex, never cared for her and happy she is gone. She was boring. And as much as we hated Erin, the division chief, am missing her. She made an excellent companion for Rossi

  16. Kathy   September 1, 2014 at 1:29 am

    I think JJ is wonderful. Getting rid of her would be a mistake. JLH may work out, have to wait and see. I think Paget swhould come back and be paired with Hotch. That would be interesting. And Reid needs a love interest. Did not like the way that was handled. Derek under no circumstances should be paired with Penelope. Like their relationship just the way it is.

  17. Karen Petty   August 31, 2014 at 10:26 pm

    I’ve been an avid fan for years and have all the dvds. I wasn’t crazy about Tripplehorn, she didn’t seem to fit in, but she grew on me, some. Paget was so good in her role and I was deeply disappointed that she left. I totally agree, it is a grave mistake to bring in JLH and seriously feel its the beginning of the end for Criminal Minds. 🙁

  18. Margie Clark   August 31, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    I agree w/Kim and Rebecca Grace, to a point. Yes, get rid of JJ., or at least diminish her role as a “know it all.” Let her be a mother. She lost one child because of her selfishness and arrogance thinking that she could go into a war zone and nothing would happen. She could become pregnant and decided it’s time to think about someone else besides herself.
    It seems TPTB are bound and determine to give Reid a life a misery. Yeah, let’s get him addicted again, like that hasn’t been run into the ground. Can’t you come up with any fresh ideas? Give him a girlfriend, wife, and child.
    I say let’s give JLH a chance before we start hating on her.
    As for this being the last season, Shemar has always maintained that he would do 10 seasons, and go into something else. I would like to see CM go on. Law and Order has done it for years.

  19. Kim   August 31, 2014 at 6:04 am

    I think bringing in JLH is a mistake think it may bring a damn good show to an end. Why keep getting rid of all the good guys get rid of JJ she wasn’t missed when she did leave maybe time to be a mother

  20. Lizeth   August 30, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    Yeah I completely agree with Rebbeca Grace

  21. Rebecca Grace   August 30, 2014 at 3:57 pm

    I wish they would just realize that if people can’t have Paget back then to just leave the space unfilled. Tripplehorn was terrible at that role. It kind of seems like she wanted to leave the show because everybody hated her. That finale was stupid, getting everybody worked up about Reid and then essentially having nothing happen. Compared to S8 and S7 finales, this was crap. And the JLH thing next season…I’m kind of thinking S10 will be it’s last.


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