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Criminal Minds Shares Details on Alex Blake’s Departure


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Alex Blake departed Criminal Minds suddenly and quietly at the end of season nine, but executive producer Erica Messer has shared the details. Many fans will be happy to see that she will not just disappear for good and that there will be closure.

It has been a problem for many shows. New characters come in, fans love them and then the actor or actress decides to move on. The characters are quickly written out, leaving fans wondering what happened and where they are now. Charmed was one of the guilty shows to get rid of characters quickly, although the writers tended to write them so fans would hate them and want them to leave by the end.

Criminal Minds writers have never been quite as guilty. While characters have come and gone, there has always been a reason given at some point. The only character not to get many answers for was Jason Gideon between the second and third season. While a letter was left for Spencer Reid, there was never a follow-up to see where he was and what he was doing.

With Alex Blake, things will be handled very differently. While she was only on the show for two seasons, Jeanne Tripplehorn made the character likeable and almost relatable. Fans warmed to her rather quickly, especially her relationship with Spencer Reid. There was no big goodbye, leaving many to worry what she would do next.

The good news is that Messer has shared the detailed on Alex Blake’s departure in Criminal Minds. There is no need to worry for the character; she has simply moved on with her life. The character retired from the FBI and is now teaching full-time; something that she clearly enjoyed doing. Messer explained that the character is now teaching others how to profile and be a brilliant member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU).

It makes sense for the character. However, many fans hope that the reason for her departure is given. There was no indication that she wanted to move on from her job until the season finale. It was a moment when Spencer was shot that she decided it was time to rethink her life and move on from the FBI. It was only a season before that she had told her husband she was not ready to leave. It was a major milestone to reach the BAU and she would not have given that up lightly.

Alex Blake’s departure does mean that there is a position for another character. Many will already be aware of Jennifer Love Hewitt taking that place as Kate Callahan. It is difficult to come into a show when so many of the other characters are well-known and loved. How the fans react to this new character will be interesting, along with how she bonds with the team.

Very little has been shared about Kate Callahan’s story and entrance. However, fans have time to get ready for that. All many wanted to know was what had happened to Alex Blake, and Criminal Minds fans can rest at ease knowing that details of her departure will be shared quickly.

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