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The Originals

Season two of The Originals is just around the corner and there are already hints and spoilers being released. Those who have seen the footage from San Deigo’s Comic-Con 2014 will already know that the show starts four months after the season one finale, and things are heating up.

Many fans will want to know how Klaus and Haley are dealing with the loss of their daughter. While Hope was not killed by the witches in the end, they did have to let her go live with Klaus’ sister Rebekah to keep her safe. It seems the whole world may want her dead once they find out how powerful she could be.

Trailers for the second season of The Originals show that everyone is dealing in their own way. Not only does Haley have to deal with losing her daughter, but she loses some of her identity. She is now a hybrid and that means her position as queen of her wolf pack is up for grabs. She has to deal with the identity crisis and grief, and her way of doing that is through vengeance.

At the same time, Mikael and Ester have risen from the dead, along with one of the dead Original children; many believing to be Finn. It is a race against time for Klaus and Elijah to kill their parents before their parents kill them, while taking care of the Guerra wolves who now have moonstone rings.

While all that is going on, many fans want to know about 16-year-old Davina. She was a witch used as a pawn by so many, but The Originals season two hints and spoilers indicate that that will no longer be the case. This witch has grown in her powers and in her confidence. She is not about to let others use her for their own gain.

Danielle Campbell, who plays the 16-year-old witch, mentioned that she is excited about the change in personality for her character. She becomes a “bada**” and now someone others will want to mess with. She certainly showed that she has grown in confidence of her powers at the end of the season one by trapping Mikael in the room.

What about Marcel? Well, he has been compelled to forget that Hope survived. However, he is raising a vampire army and it seems Klaus will join him in the fight. After all, they need all the power possible to fight against the Guerra wolves. Who better than to have an Original Vampire on side.

Executive producer has also hinted that there will be a crossover episode with parent show The Vampire Diaries. Many fans want to see a showdown between Alaric Saltzman and Klaus—or even Ester—but that is not going to happen. She has not given any details away for the way the storyline will go, but it could be to use Ester to save Bonnie and Damon from the disappearing “other side.”

Fans will be excited to know that the show returns. It has lost its Tuesday night slot before Supernatural and now gained a Monday night slot, and will return on October 6. Very little in the way of hints and spoilers have been shared for season two of The Originals, but the details that have been shared will certainly make fans want to tune in.

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