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The 100

The 100 season one ended on a major cliffhanger, and now fans want to know the hints and spoilers for season two. While the San Diego Comic-Con gave away the fact that Raven, played by Lindsay Morgan, will still live, the fate of others including Bellamy and Finn is still up in the air.

Season one ended with the Arc crash landing in the middle of a lake and Chancellor Jaha stuck in space in the dying Earth Monitoring cabin. For Clarke and members of the 100 who made it into the ship, they are now captured and at Mount Weather Quarantine Ward and their fates are left in the hands of The Mountain Men. Finn and Bellamy were still outside when it came to blasting the Grounders, but could they still be alive?

Season two of The 100 will pick up right where it left off. Unlike many other shows, there are no time jumps and fans will get to see the story unfold. Marie Avgeropolous (who plays Octavia) has confirmed that she will become a Grounder after falling in love with Ricky Whittle’s character Lincoln. Whittle has also been boosted to a series regular, meaning he will be around at least for the next 13 episodes. The question for many is whether the Grounders will accept Octavia or force her to return to her captured friends.

There have been many hints and spoilers for season two of The 100 where Clarke is concerned. She has gone full circle and is back to being a prisoner. However, she has the experience as a leader now and will want to know everything she can about her captors. At the same time, she wants to make sure her people are safe and being looked after.

The possibility of Finn and Bellamy still being alive is there. During an interview, Eliza Taylor spoke about her relationship with both men. While she said she had no idea about whether Bellamy was still alive or not, she never said the same about Finn. She simply hinted that their relationship was not going to be the same as most others on the CW channel. The focus is on the storyline, which makes sense considering the season was just 13 episodes; just over half of most shows on the network.

Different types of Grounders will appear on the show this season. So far, the Mountain Men and Boat People have been mentioned and they are likely to appear on the show. There will be more exploration into Earth and the different groups of people who have lived on the planet since the nuclear war. It is certainly a side to the story that many fans want to know more about.

There will still be some similarities to season one. While the Arc is gone, Mount Weather is like an underground spaceship, so will have a similar feel to the Arc storylines. It is almost like a switch at the start, with the Arc people out in the open and the young prisoners captured and within a facility similar to the Arc.

Fans are excited for the show to start back on October 22, especially now they get some of the hints and spoilers for season two of The 100.

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